The budget of 1403 will be given to the parliament today with a letter from the chairman/ the salary increase of employees will be 18% and that of retirees will be 20% – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency’s government reporter, Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi, economic spokesman of the government, told reporters in today’s press conference: Due to the change in the law for submitting the budget, the government was obliged to submit the general and main tables and revenue and expenditure rulings in November. slow assembly; Of course, the parliament requested a postponement to determine the task of the program, and the 1403 budget will be sent to the parliament in a few minutes with the letter of the president.

He added: The growth of the government’s general budget next year has increased by about 18 percent, and the government has tried to increase spending in cases where there is the least need to increase spending, so as to impose less deficit and inflation on the society and people.

Khandozi stated: An 18% salary increase for employees and 20% for retirees has been considered in the 1403 budget.

In response to rahnam’s question regarding the presentation of the budget to the parliament, he explained: due to the non-completion of the review of the 7th development plan in the parliament, today the first stage of the budget, together with the official letter of the president, will be presented to the parliament, and as the government spokesperson announced, the president will soon He will appear on the floor of the parliament and give explanations about the 1403 budget bill.

The economic spokesman of the government in explaining the dimensions of the next year’s budget pointed out: Considering that the main goal of the government is to control inflation, in the drafting of the 1403 budget bill, an effort was made to set the budget income figures in a realistic and achievable manner.

Khandozi added: Also, in the second goal, we sought to increase the share of stable incomes and reduce the share of oil sales in the budget. In total, with the increase of stable incomes and the reduction of expenses, the operational balance deficit of the proposed budget for next year has decreased from 457 thousand billion to 307 thousand billion tomans compared to this year. The barrel is set at 65 euros.

In response to a question about the implementation of the gasoline plan for everyone, the economic spokesman of the government said: Considering that the companies under the Ministry of Oil, which were involved in this plan, had reservations about the implementation and development of this model to other regions of the country, the plan has been stopped for about a year. And it is in the stages of correction and completion to be presented again in the economic headquarters of the government, and it has not come to the economic headquarters until today.

In response to a question about the fact that it is said that Iran’s foreign exchange resources have been released in Iraq in recent days, Khandozi said: The blocking of currencies, at least between Iran and Iraq, does not have a precise meaning. Because our currencies were not blocked, but the process of collection and access of the central bank had a temporary problem, and with the agreement between the governments of Iran and Iraq, those obstacles have been removed. The import of basic goods of the country has been remitted in less than 15 days through the Iraqi bank, and part of the resources have been transferred to the Omani bank and the import has been carried out. These resources are under the authority and control of the central bank.

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