Parliament’s agreement to equalize pensioners’ salaries up to 90% of employees’ salaries – rahnam

According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, in the public meeting this Tuesday morning (November 30), the members of the Islamic Council, in the process of examining the details of the Seventh Development Program Bill, agreed with the additional clause (1) of Article 29 of this bill regarding equalization of pensioners’ rights. .

In the supplementary clause of article 29 of this bill, it is stated: In order to be fair in paying the salaries of employees and retirees, as well as attributing the salaries of retirees with ninety percent (90%) of the continuous salaries and bonuses subject to the deduction of similar and equivalent employees, the government is obliged to The end of the third year of the program took the necessary action. This increase from 1403 in the first year is equivalent to forty percent (40%) and in the second and third years each thirty percent (30%), with a difference of up to ninety percent (90%). It will be remembered. The executive regulations of this paragraph will be approved by the Cabinet.

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