New details of the violations of the owner of “Rezait Khodro Zaraft Novin” company / transfer of 8 thousand billion tomans abroad – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency from Qazvin, in the continuation of the judicial process of the case of “Rezait Taravat Navin” company, the working group of automobile companies of Qazvin province explained the latest situation of this case by issuing its notice No. 17.

In a part of this announcement, it is stated: In view of Ghaffari’s clear statement that he does not know the total amount of debt or the value of his property, which has added to the problems of the work, and on the other hand, considering the volume and extent of the issue The provincial officials are still seriously continuing all their activities to speed up the audits and identify the number of creditors who are from about 20 provinces of the country and also the amount of their claims. Due to the specialization of the matter, which was referred to the expert panel by the investigator, the approximate estimate of the panel members for carrying out the expert opinion and announcing the theory is about seven months.

At the same time, the capacity of elite and experienced experts in macroeconomic cases from the center, as well as the expert and trusted employees of some departments, should be used to help respected experts to present theories. In addition, the information and cooperation of Ghaffari and his crime partners, as well as any person from his group who can have “effective and practical” cooperation, will be used.

Any person who has an effective and applicable solution can submit it to the esteemed investigator to be discussed and examined in the working group.

In the last meeting of the working group, issues were raised by some representatives that the same issues were published in the virtual space by Shipourchi channel, which is the cause of disruption in the conduct of case affairs, false publications, disruption of public order and other crimes. This channel started publishing it. Therefore, restrictions will be imposed on the representatives, while there are no restrictions on the introduction of official lawyers by genuine people.

Considering that the case is on its legal path and the expert panel is also performing its duty, the people who are complaining about Ghafari and asking for their demands should file a criminal complaint.

At this stage of expertise, i.e. audit (property expertise and payment of claims is a separate issue that will be dealt with later), any person who wants to agree with Ghaffari can submit his written request individually or collectively through the judicial electronic services office. send to Mr. Inspector.

Considering that on the one hand, Ghaffari has admitted that he transferred part of the assets obtained from attracting Shekat capital abroad, and that he has paid large and unconventional profits to some people inside the country, which were actually your creditors’ money, so as long as If he does not have his practical and effective cooperation for the return of the property, this issue will face the continuation of the claim payment process with serious shortcomings and problems.

More than pursuing the freedom under his protection, the mentioned must prove his honesty in introducing secret property or data transfer.

Ghaffari’s release under custody until further notice depends on his cooperation, firstly, to introduce hidden and inaccessible assets that he has stated that he has transferred more than eight thousand billion tomans abroad, and secondly, to introduce Shipurchi’s agents, who work more in line with Ghaffari’s interests. They make complaints and instead of presenting their secret assets to complete the payment of claims, they use mischievous and criminal actions to incite others to hold fruitless gatherings, disrupt public order, publish falsehoods, threaten and insult the case process. Unfortunately, some people are optimistic about his promises and keep insisting on them.

Accompanying Shakat and respected creditors and maintaining peace, which has been the case so far, is always emphasized. And it is emphasized not to pay attention to people’s rumors.

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