Gasoline quota will be recharged tonight – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, in the third month of the autumn season of 1402, 60 liters of monthly gasoline quota will be deposited into personal fuel smart cards. Also, the fuel quota for public and service vehicles will be deposited according to the quota table of the fuel consumption management plan.

Gasoline rationing started at zero on Friday (November 24), 2018, based on the decision of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination of the Heads of the Three Powers, for all gasoline-fueled vehicles.

The limit for the reserve of gasoline quota for the first price of smart fuel cards for the owners of private cars and motorcycles was initially 6 months, but due to the spread of the corona virus in the country and the special conditions announced to deal with its spread, the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company in an announcement changed this limit to 9 months. gave Therefore, the monthly deposit quota of the first price of private cars and motorcycles can be stored in smart fuel cards for a maximum of 9 months if not used, but the monthly 150 liter gasoline quota of the second (free) rate of personal fuel smart cards cannot be stored in smart fuel cards. And if not used by the owner at the end of each month, this quota will be removed.

In the last two or three years, due to the spread of the Corona virus and the restrictions imposed due to it, the country’s fuel consumption decreased compared to the years before Corona, but with the improvement of the conditions, the amount of gasoline consumption in the country increased significantly, so that this year’s average consumption Especially in the summer season, it reached more than 114 million liters and the production and distribution of gasoline in the country was in a state of disarray.

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