Floods, floods, snow, blizzards and storms in 7 provinces of the country/ rescue forces are on standby + pictures – rahnam

– News of the provinces –

According to the report of rahnam news agency’s provincial group, following the red level warning of the Meteorological Organization, heavy rain and torrential rain and strong wind in the provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, North Bushehr, North and Eastern half of Khuzestan, North West Fars, South Ilam, South Lorestan. And the range and heights are predicted in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

Following yesterday’s rains, the provinces of West Azarbaijan, the southern half of East Azarbaijan, Kurdistan, Zanjan, Qazvin, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan, Khuzestan, Hamedan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Bushehr, Fars, Central, West and South of Isfahan have experienced flooding and They were flooded.

Providing relief to 15 operational teams in Ilam

As a result of the heavy rain since yesterday, the cities of Ilam, Ivan, Cherdavel and Malekshahi were flooded and Red Crescent rescuers were on full alert in these areas.

With the announcement of the flood report, 15 flood teams were dispatched to the site and while providing relief to 158 victims, they also evacuated 16 residential houses. Rescuers also distributed 6 relief tents, 163 blankets, 59 carpets, 120 kg of nylon and 10 flares to the victims.

Snowfall in Kohrang

Due to heavy rainfall in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and snowfall in Kohrang city, orange status was announced and the cities of the province were on full alert.

Helping 8 people in flooded houses in Lorestan

With the heavy rains in the province and flooding in Poldakhtar city, the rescue teams are in full readiness and a flood team was sent along with an operational vehicle and 2 mud trucks to evacuate the mud from 2 houses. 8 people have been helped in this incident.

Flooding of roads in Ahvaz

As a result of heavy rain in Khuzestan province, the roads in Ahvaz, Behbahan and Mahshahr cities were flooded and the rescue teams in all the cities of the province were on alert. Also, 6 operational teams to rescue the flooded areas in Ahvaz in the neighborhoods (Kianpars, Resalat, Sepidar, Shahrek) The university evaluated Bagh Sheikh.

Heavy rain in 4 cities of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad

Heavy rain continues in the cities of Yasouj, Basht, Gachsaran and Dehdasht, and Red Crescent rescue teams of the province are on full alert to provide relief to possible victims.

Be ready for Red Crescent in Bushehr

The surface of the cities of Ganaveh, Dilam, Deir and Bushehr are witnessing heavy rains and the Red Crescent is on alert in the cities of the province.

Sending an operational team to Hasan Abad village in Fars province

The rains are continuing sporadically in Fars province, and Red Crescent of the province, while on full alert, has sent a flood operation team along with a car to evaluate and provide possible relief in flooding to Bakhtegan branch, Hasan Abad village.

Participation of 58 relief teams in flood operations

Mahmoudi, head of the rescue and relief organization, referring to the operations of floods and inundation, snow, blizzards and storms from November 29 to 30, explained the actions of the Red Crescent and said: during this period, 12 provinces, including 34 cities, 48 ​​regions ( 14 cities, 21 villages, 8 nomadic areas and 5 axes) needed relief. Red Crescent aid workers and rescuers provided relief to 524 people and provided emergency accommodation to 42.

Stating that the mud of 44 residential units has been evacuated with the help of water pump devices, he continued: 58 rescue teams, including 260 people, participated in this operation. 315 blankets, 613 kg of nylon, 17 carpets, 43 fire extinguishers, 272 cans of canned goods, 540 kg of rice, 18 food packages and 9 relief tents have been distributed to the people affected by the flood.

It should be noted that relief efforts are continuing in the provinces affected by floods and waterlogging. It should be noted that according to the meteorological warning of heavy rain and torrential rain, the rescuers are on alert.

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