Amir Abdollahian: During the past 46 days, the delivery of American weapons to Tel Aviv has not been interrupted even for an hour – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the meeting of Dr. Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, with foreign ambassadors and heads and representatives of international organizations residing in Tehran at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of explaining the views, approaches and actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran to help end the Zionist regime’s aggression against Gaza and Assistance was held to maintain security in the region.

Amir Abdullahian, while explaining our country’s point of view regarding the nature of the current crisis and supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation within the framework of their legitimate right to confront the occupation, the constructive efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various bilateral, regional and international dimensions to end the oppressive war against the Palestinian nation in Gaza and the West Bank, he explained the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, the immediate sending of humanitarian aid and the prevention of the displacement of Palestinians from Gaza.

He expressed his hope that with the fruition of the efforts made to realize the ceasefire, the brutal killing of defenseless citizens, women and children of Gaza and the West Bank will stop.

Emphasizing that the Al-Aqsa operation was a completely Palestinian design, decision and implementation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country said that the Zionist regime, in the shadow of its inability to confront the resistance forces, took revenge on the defenseless people of Gaza and the West Bank, which resulted in committing genocide. And the war crime and killing of more than 14 thousand Palestinian citizens, 70% of which were children, women and the elderly.

Amir Abdollahian considered the sending of numerous messages by the United States to the Islamic Republic of Iran to call the resistance groups to exercise restraint with the full support of the United States to the Zionist regime, and added that, firstly, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not have any proxy group in the region, and secondly, during the past 46 days, sending weapons The US military has not been interrupted for even an hour in Tel Aviv.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country also pointed to the extensive consultations of the Islamic Republic of Iran at various levels, including the president of our country with the officials of countries and international organizations, as well as the president’s letter to 50 heads of state and added that in all the meetings, messages and diplomatic talks of the president The president and myself, together with foreign counterparts and international authorities, have emphasized and paid attention to preventing the expansion of the scope of the war, establishing a ceasefire and sending humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

In another part of his statement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country pointed out the inability of the Zionist regime and the United States to realize the military achievement in the 46 days of the war against Gaza, and pointed out their political plans behind the political curtain for the post-war phase, and emphasized the right of the Palestinian nation. In determining his own destiny, he considered the complete solution of the Palestinian crisis in holding a referendum with the presence of all the real residents of the Palestinian nation and added that the dimensions of this idea have been officially registered by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United Nations.

At the end, Amir Abdollahian thanked the Secretary General of the United Nations for taking constructive diplomatic measures, the head of the World Red Cross Organization for trying to provide aid to the people of Gaza, as well as some Arab and Islamic countries for supporting the Palestinian people and facilitating the delivery of aid to them and trying to Establishing a ceasefire, he added: We will continue our efforts to try the leaders and perpetrators of these crimes in international courts even after the end of the war.

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