The attempt of the Israeli army to escape from the Al-Shifa hospital scandal with another claim – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, after the mock demonstration of the Israeli regime army in presenting some weapons in al-Shifa Hospital caused the ridicule of the world public opinion, the Israeli regime army claimed to compensate for this scandal that Hamas was using this hospital to keep prisoners.

The spokesman of the Israeli army said in an interview with the American CNN channel: Hamas used al-Shifa hospital to keep “hostages” and carry out “terrorist” operations.

Before the attack and entering al-Shifa hospital, the Israeli army claimed day and night that the headquarters of Hamas is inside the tunnel and under the building of al-Shifa hospital. After the Zionist soldiers entered this hospital and realized that there was no news of the tunnel and the headquarters, they started another show and that was the discovery of several weapons and their magazines in the MRI room, which was the subject of laughter and ridicule from the media.

After this scandal, the Zionists are trying to make up for this intelligence failure with another claim, which will not go anywhere considering the history of lying by the Zionists, and on the other hand, it will cause the destruction of Hamas (if this claim is true). It is to the detriment of Israel; Because the only safe place in the Gaza Strip to keep Zionist prisoners are the hospitals and other places are the targets of this regime’s relentless attacks.

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