The 12-year increase in the retirement age was denied – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Khane Mellat announced; Since the beginning of this morning, the same text is suddenly being published in a large number of news channels, which contains a claim about the approval of the Islamic Council for the retirement age.

In this text, it is claimed that the retirement age in Iran has increased by 12 years, while this claim is untrue and based on the approval of the parliament, firstly, the increase in the years of service is staggered and most people will have a few months added to their years of service, and secondly, people who have just started working, a maximum of 5 years will be added to their years of service.

According to the resolution of the parliament, which was clearly explained yesterday by the spokesperson of the integration commission and the speaker of the Islamic council, the maximum years of service is 35 years or 62 years of age for men and 30 years of service years or 55 years of age for women.


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