rahnam’s field report – Hezbollah attacks on more than 20 Israeli army bases and the regime’s attack on civilians – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance destroyed more than 20 bases of the Zionist army in the areas of Ramim, Al-Taihat, Al-Marj, Maroon, Asi, Barka Risha, Malikiya, Tayreh, Kafarisha, Al-Rahab, Al-Matla, and Al-Manara with different types of weapons. Missile weapons targeted the attack, which led to heavy financial and human losses for the Zionists.


The Israeli army, which seems to be terrified by the casualties of these attacks, carried out heavy air and artillery attacks against the residential areas of southern Lebanon. rahnam’s field reporter, being present in “Merkaba” town, has well depicted these blind and vengeful attacks of the Zionist regime.

The image of this report starts from the place where the sound of drones and bombers of the Zionist regime and the bombing of the surrounding areas of this town can be heard. The reporter starts his report from the time when less than ten minutes have passed since the Lebanese Hezbollah’s artillery attack on the “Miskaf Aam” base of the Zionist army. At the same time, alarm sounds are heard from the Zionist settlements on the other side of the border.

In the continuation of its encroachment on residential areas, the Zionist army also targeted the city of Nabatieh. The Zionist attack on Nabatieh is considered to be a violation of one of the red lines of the rules of conflict between the resistance and this regime after the 33-day war. More explicitly, it should be said that since 2006, no rocket had been fired at Nabatieh city; But this time, the area of ​​”Tul Al-Kafour” in Nabatieh city was attacked by Zionist artillery.

During the Israeli attacks, an aluminum factory was also targeted and as a result of this attack, heavy damages were caused to it. Due to the weakness of the Zionist army in confronting the resistance forces like the Gaza Strip, residential houses in southern Lebanon are hit by rockets.

The reporter of rahnam continues to go to the zero point of the border and the walls between Lebanon and Palestine (occupation). There they filmed a building that is only 10 meters away from the border and was bombed by the invaders. At the time of filming, smoke from the attack was still rising into the sky.

One of the Lebanese citizens living in the border town of Al Khayyam, who is a living witness of this attack, told rahnam reporter: “Thank God that no one was inside that building.” Thank God this building was empty. As you can see, all these houses are residential; “There is no military presence there.”

In the shadow of the Zionists’ attacks on residential areas and the strong and firm response of the Islamic resistance to the Zionists’ aggression, it seems that the process of conflicts will intensify in the coming days.

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