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According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, the Minister of Education recently announced the implementation of the “Day Without Bags and Books” program every two weeks in the elementary schools of the country.

Education of Tehran also announced: Students of elementary schools in Tehran will go to school without bags on Tuesday, November 30.

The most important approach in implementing the day without bags and books is to create a lively environment based on play and mobility for students.

Does the day without bags and books run every 2 weeks?

Masoume Masoumian; Deputy of elementary education of Tehran city Regarding the continuation of the day without bags and books program once every two weeks in Tehran schools, he said: The Minister of Education emphasizes that it should be implemented once every two weeks and we are waiting for the notification of the instructions which are being compiled by the Supreme Council of Education. .

On the day without bags and books, 5 targeted educational bells will be designed, which are:

The first bell: the field of religious and physical education

The appropriate activities of this bell in the physical field include healthy breakfast, exercise and wellness and…

Also, in this call, programs should be implemented in the field of strengthening the spiritual dimensions of existence through communication with God, implementation of programs in the field of physical and mental health and environmental protection.

The second bell: the field of economic education

In this call, we are witnessing the implementation of a targeted program in the field of education for livelihood and economic life by understanding the economic situation of oneself and the society, individual and collective efforts to realize construction, economic growth and independence, preservation and development of national wealth, increasing productivity, etc. .

The third ring: the field of scientific education

Implementation of research program with the approach of growth magazines.

Using and evaluating scientific and technological findings and creating creativity and innovation in them to discover new forms of reality or create new methods and tools.

Planning and conscious implementation of scientific research activities.

Communicating constructively with nature through knowing and using nature with the aim of honoring, conquering and improving.

The fourth bell: the field of social education with an emphasis on strengthening Islamic-Iranian identity

Implementation of creative programs in the field of: preserving and improving the customs, norms and values ​​of the society.

Adequate understanding of social status.

Developing understanding and modifying the social position of oneself and others.

Establishing a constructive relationship and acquiring collective qualities such as benevolence, kindness, fairness, benevolence, tolerance, empathy and peace-seeking.

The fifth bell: the field of artistic education

Planning to implement artistic and aesthetic programs with the integration of special school programs.

In this connection Masoume Masoumian; Deputy of elementary education of Tehran cityHe told rahnam: We should go beyond the traditional teaching method that only emphasizes the teacher’s dialogue and the students’ listening skills, and focus on the students’ activeness in the classroom and skill-based activities.

Playing and learning during the day without bags and books

He added: On the day without bags and books, education does not stop, but the method of education changes, students get involved in skills and through those skills, they achieve educational fields. to be

The Deputy of Elementary Education of Tehran city, in response to the question that on the day without bags and books, math and science bell is held, but with games? He said: On this day, the math class is not in the traditional style where the teacher only teaches on the board, but the students are engaged in a skill, for example, they make a craft that they learn to measure by making it.

Passing traditional teaching methods

He emphasized: We must gradually create a culture in order to pass the memory-based methods in education where the teacher only teaches and assigns assignments. learn the skill of expressing excitement and be able to express their excitement in school.

Masoumian continued: In education, we are not supposed to hand over people whose brains are full of information to the society, but we must hand over a human being with an acceptable personality to the society. In the elementary school, the game is life for the student, so education needs to be accompanied by the game, in this case, the educational goals will be realized better.

Students should not take books to school on Tuesday

In response to the question of whether students should bring books on Tuesday, November 30, he said: We announced a day without bags and books, but students can bring other things instead of books, for example, story books, toys Games, crafts, and can replace a bag with the family.

The deputy of primary education of Tehran city stated: One of the approaches on the day without bags and books can be reading books and we announced that teachers should introduce a story book in the sixth grade for students to read in the classroom, after that the student should put himself in the situation Put the author and tell how he wrote the book.

A day without a bag is not a waste of time

Also, Masoumeh Najafi Pazouki; The deputy of primary education of the Ministry of Education emphasized that “bagless day” does not mean wasting students’ time at school and stated: On this day, creative teachers can do educational design and create learning situations similar to real life so that students can live to learn

Najafi Pazuki continued: I visited the elementary school classrooms where the teacher had created a learning situation. Dubbed, this act affects the student’s thinking, communication ability and problem solving in the moment.

The deputy of elementary education of the Ministry of Education stated: When the book is on the table, the teacher is worried that there is little time to teach and he should be able to teach the entire book during the academic year. In order for teachers to practice how to create learning situations in different educational fields without textbooks.

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