Parliament’s agreement with the increase in ticket prices for foreign flights/pilgrimage trips were exempted – rahnam

According to the parliamentary correspondent of rahnam news agency, the continuation of the details of the bill of the 7th development plan of the country is on the agenda of the representatives in today’s public meeting.

In this meeting, the residents of Baharestan agreed with the approval of Part 3 Clause D of Article 57 of the 7th Development Plan Bill with the majority of votes.

According to this resolution of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, in compliance with the general policies of the forty-fourth (44) article of the constitution, in order to provide financial resources for the implementation of development projects and the improvement of airport services in international airports, it is allowed from the passengers of foreign flights equivalent to ten (10) euros per Each passenger should receive the ETS (ets) rate which is separately included in the ticket and taken from the passengers and deposited into the relevant account in the general treasury.

Pilgrimage flights are excluded from this ruling.

It should be noted that the approvals of the representatives in the public meeting regarding the Seventh Development Plan bill must be approved by the Guardian Council in order to become a law.

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