Fraud of 907 billion from 1144 people with fake cryptocurrencies / Indictment of 12 accused in the case was issued – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Isfahan, Hojjatul Islam wal Muslimin Asadullah Jafari stated: By filing a criminal case with the title of major disruption in the economic system through the formation of a pyramid company in the Isfahan Prosecutor’s Office, considering the large number of plaintiffs and the high amount defrauded, the investigator of the 11th branch of the Public Prosecutor’s Office And Isfahan Revolution sent this case to the court in a special way and out of turn and after conducting preliminary investigations and issuing the final order and indictment to continue the proceedings.

He added: The number of complainants in this case is 1,144 people and the amount defrauded of them was more than 907 billion Rials.

The Chief Justice of Isfahan announced the number of defendants in the case as 12 natural persons and one legal person and noted: these persons are all accused of participating in disrupting the economic system on a large scale during the years 1399 and 1400 by establishing a pyramid scheme and computer fraud. By using self-made and unsupported fake cryptocurrencies (fake and counterfeit and Shatcoin), they have tried to defraud many people.

Jaafari said: Investigations indicate that Shakat was encouraged to enter the cycle of this pyramid company through the promotion of upper-level persons, and they entered the chain of organizations by buying a position in a family-by-family manner and deposited money into bank accounts, according to the statements. The suspicion of payment of the amount was for matters such as providing insurance services, creating pension records and selling health products packages to them, and in practice no services were provided.

In the end, the Chief Justice of Isfahan province stated to all the people of the province: Many profiteers and fraudsters are always lurking with new tricks to trap people who are willing to invest because of the greed of high profits. When faced with proposals like this, people should check the accuracy of the information and claims by inquiring with the legal authorities.

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