Canceling the status conversion quota of 2,070 teachers in Sistan and Baluchistan; Who objected? – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Zahedan, the service purchase teacher is the name of a project that is used to employ temporary teachers. Teachers who sometimes teach in the most remote parts of the country where there is no television or internet coverage, in plains, mountains and border areas.

Unfortunately, many years have passed since the beginning of this project, various aspects of the process of employing and hiring these teachers are still unknown. For example, the government and the Ministry of Education refer to the institutions and companies under which the teachers work, and a memorandum of understanding is signed between the government and the companies to employ these teachers.

This indirect process of employment is due to the fact that a direct connection between the employed force and education is not formed so that the claim of employment and permanent employment is not created for them. But sometimes it is seen that these forces hold protest gatherings for recruitment and claim this right for themselves, and of course a question is raised that a force that is young or middle-aged will be teaching in remote areas of the country for several years with the lowest salaries and the worst conditions. Now that he has reached middle age and if education no longer needs to use them, how should he make a living?

The purchase of services was supposed to be done in the farthest parts of the country with the nominal goal of reducing education costs. Little by little, but the silent dimensions of the story became clear and the complicated situation of these teachers was revealed. Teachers who buy services receive very little salary for the service they provide, which is paid months late. A situation that may not exist anywhere in the country and in any government agency.

Sistan and Baluchistan is one of the provinces that was considered by the Ministry of Education from the first days of the implementation of this plan, and the effects of the implementation of the plan for the purchase of services, perhaps more than other provinces, have been directed at Sistan and Baluchistan. For a more detailed investigation of this phenomenon, one should refer to previous years and how it was formed, by whom and with what purpose.

Privatization of education

Teachers, purchasing services, which is the newest form of temporary teachers, was implemented since the beginning of Hassan Rouhani’s administration. In order to compensate for the “teacher shortage” and of course to reduce costs, education took the privatization of schools and the educational system. Tadbir and Omid government, with the idea that education should be gradually removed from being purely governmental, took the path of privatizing education.

Alireza Nakhai, Director General of Education of Sistan and Baluchistan in Mehr 96, said: “We have left 762 schools out of 6700 schools in the province to the people themselves”. The meaning of handing over is nothing but paying tuition in different ways, which is a manifestation of privatization.

Since the beginning of this year, we have not received a single Rial salary!

In an interview with rahnam reporter, one of Saravan’s service purchasing teachers stated: We have 6200 service purchasing teachers in Sistan and Baluchistan. The number of students in our classes is over 40 and all of them are in deprived areas. Every year, the salary of these teachers depends on the salary of the worker; That is, the starting point for calculating teachers’ salaries for purchasing services is the worker’s salary. However, the same salary is not paid regularly and monthly. Last year’s salaries of Sistan and Baluchistan teachers have not been settled yet. While the salaries and benefits of teachers purchasing the services of other provinces have been completely settled.

He continued: Since the beginning of this year, not a single rial has been paid and there is still no news of insurance. This year, none of the teachers who purchased the services of the province have received notification of attendance at the school, neither from the institution nor from the education department. That is, they come to class without salary, insurance, notification and contract. One of the teachers who bought Khash’s services (the late Shahnavazi) died while returning from school, and his family and children do not receive any amount for their livelihood.

This service purchasing teacher said: Last year, the service purchasing forces were supposed to be converted to a definite work contract, which was canceled by the Employment Affairs Organization due to violations in the education and training of Sistan and Baluchistan, but in other provinces, the definite work contract was implemented and the quota of our province It was practically burned.

He added: I have a question for the education authorities, how can a force that is concerned about livelihood and is always in debt to this shop and that bakery, become a teacher? Pain means that the teacher cannot tell his student that science is better or wealth? Our province is not deprived, it is oppressed.

Issuing the license to re-employ service purchasing forces in Sistan and Baluchistan

In this regard, the head of the Public Relations Department of the General Department of Education of Sistan and Baluchistan province, in response to the question of whether the cancellation of 2,070 quotas for changing the status of teachers in the purchase of services in Sistan and Baluchistan is true? will be Since 1993, according to the province’s need for teachers, a quota has been allocated to Sistan and Baluchistan by the Employment Affairs Organization, according to which there are 6200 teachers in the province.

Daud Goli added: This year, the issue of outsourcing and the purchase of services for teachers was supposed to be resolved in a different way, so that they would participate in recruitment tests and continue working in education if they pass. With the follow-up that took place this year only in five provinces that are in dire need of teachers, permission to hire teachers was issued, and Sistan and Baluchistan is one of these provinces.

In response to the question that the permit you mentioned is related to this year and has nothing to do with the issue of 2070 quotas of last year which is under discussion and we want to know what happened to these 2070 quotas of the fixed labor contract of 1401?, he said: The Employment Affairs Organization did not agree with this issue.

The head of the public relations department of the General Directorate of Education of Sistan and Baluchistan noted: According to the understanding between the Ministry of Education and the Employment Affairs Organization, the issue of salaries and wages of teachers will be purchased if the funds are secured. Unlike the official forces who get paid monthly, the service purchase forces are paid their salaries through the source of credit and outsourcing, and whenever the credit is secured and the organization allocates the program and budget to the province, the salaries of these loved ones will be deposited.

According to rahnam news agency, nowadays few people ignore the irreplaceable importance of education. In all societies, education is the center of development and progress and the main mechanism for spreading justice. In Sistan and Baluchistan, “education” and the issue of “human development” are of double importance, because education is the main tool to restore the historical backwardness of this region. With a little investigation, we find out that the vast majority of people who suffer from different social injuries and even in the worst case, become members of terrorist and terrorist groups, are illiterate. A person who does not have literacy and knowledge does not at least have the ability to analyze social issues.

In the meantime, if it is asked who is the element that carries the huge burden of education, the answer will definitely not be the minister of education or even the president. The element that carries the burden of education in Islamic Iran and is laying the foundation for the realization of the new Islamic civilization is undoubtedly the teacher. The issue of teachers purchasing services is not in the dignity of the education system of the country, nor in the dignity of the teacher, and if a plan is not made quickly in the education and training of Sistan and Baluchistan regarding these forces, the social consequences will affect all the people of the province.

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