Beginning of sale of Tehran-Karbala combined train tickets for the period of Azar-rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, citing the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Seyed Miyad Salehi announced the beginning of the new stage of selling tickets for the Tehran-Karbala combined train from 10:00 am today (Monday, November 29) for the trains in the period of December.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: According to the plans, the Tehran-Karbala combined train departs from Tehran station on Saturdays, and the passengers, after crossing the Shalamcheh border, travel by bus from Shalemcheh to Basra and from there. They will travel again by train to Karbala.

Salehi added: The return train also departs from Karbala every Saturday morning to Basra and from there by bus to Shalamcheh border and from Shalamcheh to the final station of Tehran by train.

Regarding the type of trains used, the CEO of the railways also said: The train inside Iran is 4-bed, 4-star for all passengers, and inside Iraq there are 1st class buses, VIP buses and coupes.

It should be noted that dear compatriots can purchase tickets online from the designated time, taking into account the relevant points, including having a valid passport, through the website or simultaneously through the in-person sales offices.

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