Arkani: There will be no change in the retirement years of workers and employees in the next 2 years – rahnam

Ehsan Arkani, a member of the Program and Budget Commission of the Islamic Council, in an interview with the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, referring to yesterday’s resolution of the parliament on raising the retirement age, said: “Unfortunately, after yesterday’s resolution of the parliament, we witnessed a heavy wave of vandalism against the parliament in cyberspace.”

He added: This is despite the fact that what is being discussed today as the discontent and bankruptcy of pension funds is the handiwork of the previous governments, especially the management of the Rouhani government and the reformists.

The member of the Program and Budget Commission emphasized that the main goal of the parliament was to solve the problems and revive the fund, and stated: Regarding the increase of retirement years in the 7th development plan bill, throwing the ball in the court of the parliament is giving the wrong address. And everyone should know that the government itself sought to increase the retirement age in the program bill and in the budget bill.

Arkani pointed out that the government is trying to resolve the imbalance of these funds due to its inability to manage the pension and social security funds, but the parliament has tried its best to minimize the pressure on the people by controlling the government’s decisions in this area.

He went on to explain the parliament’s resolution yesterday to increase the retirement age and stated: In connection with this resolution, several important points should be taken into account; First, there will be no change in the retirement years of workers and employees for the next two years. Secondly, after two years, the process of increasing retirement years has been done in a staggered manner, if the government was looking for the same implementation of the two-year increase in years for everyone from now on.

Arkani continued: Thirdly, against this increase in retirement years, despite the opposition of the government, the parliament has predicted the equalization of pensioners’ salaries up to 90% of the salaries received by employees, which is an important achievement in the 11th parliament that should not be ignored despite all the financial burdens.

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