Sardar Hassanzadeh: stable public security prevails in the west of the country/implementation of deprivation removal projects in the region – rahnam

Sardar Majidreza Hassanzadeh in an interview with rahnam reporter in Sanandaj in response to the question that how do you evaluate the security of the west of the country? He stated: “In the northwest and west of the country, the opponents and enemies of the regime are always weakening the military and defense power of the Islamic Republic and harming the country’s security, but with the intelligence and presence of the people and the authority of the armed forces, the conspiracies of the ill-wishers are always foiled and defeated.” resulted in.

He said: The IRGC’s infrastructural and depriving measures in the country, especially the underprivileged provinces, are in line with the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s orders to create stable and popular security.

The deputy of the regional headquarters of Samin Al-Aimeh (AS) of the IRGC Ground Force, expressing his satisfaction that stable and popular security is established throughout the country, especially in Kurdistan and West Azarbaijan, stated: despite the numerous conspiracies and attacks of the enemies, but the people along with the military forces and He was a policeman and with his children in the IRGC, Basij, army, and police force, they thwarted mischief.

Emphasizing that the conspiracies of the enemies will never go anywhere, he said: We hope that in the future, with the services that the IRGC provides to the people, we will always be able to improve the current security day by day.

Hassanzadeh stated that we will spare no efforts in order to serve the people of the blessed revolution, and added: The duty of the officials is to serve the people honestly.

The deputy of the regional base of Samin Al-Aimeh (AS) of the IRGC Ground Force, pointing out that IRGC Ground Forces, Hamza Seyyed al-Shohada (AS) and Shahid Shahr Amfar camp of Kurdistan have been putting measures of deprivation and helping people on the agenda for the past years and so far valuable works in the field of construction. and the non-construction of the country and the province has been done, he said: We continue these services with pride.

He mentioned the construction of roads, schools, houses and places of special settlement for pastoralists and nomads in the country among the services of the IRGC and stated: It has been decided that drinking water and roads leading to nomadic areas will be organized and established by the end of next year. .

Hassanzadeh said: The Revolutionary Guards have always taken steps to serve the people in a jihadist and field way and will not spare any efforts in this direction.

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