Raisi: The 13th government started tariffing nursing services after 12 years / Nurses and medical staff were in the field during the days of Corona – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Shahryar, Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim this morning, Sunday, during the opening ceremony of Imam Khomeini (RA) Shahryar Hospital, while honoring the doctors, nurses and medical staff of Gaza hospitals, he said: The medical staff of Gaza had a special effort, which is with the Almighty God and in The history of Palestinian struggle will be recorded.

He added: There are two types of struggle in the field, including the struggle in the field by the resistance forces and fighters, and the other type by the medical staff, among which the resistance of the medical staff in Gaza is a model for the nursing community in the world, unique and exemplary.

The President said: Today coincides with the birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) is a blessed day and a symbol of standing and loyalty, and the life and behavior of this honorable lady is a model for women and men of our society, and choosing this day to celebrate Nurse’s Day was appropriate.

Emphasizing that “our nurses shined in different scenes of the country”, Raeesi said: “Nurses’ work is not easy, but nurses at the bedside of patients give them peace and hope for life and take care of them.”

He continued: “Some jobs require a certain capacity, and in the face of difficulties and roughness, one should not leave the field and should be present with capacity; Because he may face a difficult situation in life, so he should make opportunities out of threats and smooth things out of problems.

The President stated: Some jobs require more capacity and in the field of nursing, it should be calmed down in the face of the patient’s impatience, therefore Hazrat Zainab (pbuh) was chosen as a calming model due to the face of this noble lady with problems and sufferings that she managed in the Ashura incident. has been in charge of implementation, and based on this, nurses should have such a capacity to deal with their job.

Referring to the performance of nurses during the Corona era, Ayatollah Raeesi said: The full effect of the performance of the treatment staff and nurses in dealing with the Corona disease, because in the face of this disease, due to the spread of the disease, sometimes parents faced problems in taking care of their children, but the nurses and staff They did not leave the field therapy, which is very valuable.

He added: The name and memory of the martyrs of the medical staff should be honored because they lost their lives to serve the people and during the Corona virus.

Ayatollah Raisi stated: The issue of health and the country’s need for this field is very clear, and the government’s effort is to provide sufficient facilities for access to health in all parts of the country.

Recalling that the hospital was put into operation after 34 years, he added: “Creation of treatment capacities in remote cities, inefficient places, etc. is in the government’s plan, and we have emphasized from the beginning that in the 13th government, the movement to complete the abandoned projects has started and in this This hospital was implemented within 14 months with the efforts of the trustees.

The President expressed: We hope that in the field of health, it will be done in such a way that treatment is not done, and in this regard, I emphasized to the Minister of Health; As much as you emphasize on treatment issues, take measures to improve health, because as much work is done in this field, it will not be time for treatment and the treatment staff will find more leisure.

Ayatollah Raisi announced the implementation of the tariff system for nursing services after a 12-year delay in the first year of the 13th government’s working life and added: We believe that nurses have an important job and their services should be respected.

In the end, the President emphasized the necessity of creating kindergartens in all departments and organizations and noted: Conditions must be provided so that working women do not neglect their role as mothers in addition to their work roles, this issue also plays a big role in increasing the population.

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