Parliament’s support resolution for vulnerable groups; The duty of the government to provide the livelihood basket of the first 5 deciles of the society – rahnam

According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, in the public meeting this evening (Sunday, November 28), the Islamic Council, during the review of the details of the Seventh Development Program Bill, the supplementary paragraph 3 to Article 31 of this bill with 167 votes in favor, 9 votes against and 5 votes. Abstaining from the total of 213 representatives present in the hall, they agreed to supply basic items to the people through electronic catalog.

In opposition to this additional clause, Mohammad Hossein Farhani said: My understanding of this clause is that the phrase “five tenths” prevents the following tenths, which the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare also recently announced that it is with the same items of people. therefore, if a word “at least” comes before the word “five tenths”, the problem is solved, so it is better to say “at least five tenths” so that the 6th and 7th decimals can also be supported.

Mohammad Wahidi said in agreement with this additional clause: “The important issue mentioned in this additional clause is one of the issues that were considered and targeted by the parliament at the time of removing the preferential currency, so that people’s opportunity to eat healthy, especially children, is preserved.” In fact, we should support them by distributing food baskets among the lower deciles of the society, but unfortunately, not paying attention to this at that time caused a lot of damage to the nutrition of different sections of the society and even harmed the production, so this issue should be addressed. People’s livelihood should be taken into account so that we do not see damage to their health, especially children and people covered by the relief and welfare committee.

Further, the representative of the government said regarding this additional clause: This additional clause has two important points; First of all, it has been said that the goods will be distributed among the people, but the question is whether this goods will be distributed from the existing subsidies or from another place, such as the increase in the price of energy carriers? Or will the current cash subsidies become commodities? Also, we approved such a ruling with the same content in paragraph (p) of article 31, so the relationship of this ruling with paragraph (p) of article 31 should be clarified and its relationship with cash subsidy should be clarified.

Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, also said: Since both of these clauses are included in Article 31, they are complementary and should be revised.

Based on additional paragraph 3 of article 31 of this bill; The government is obliged to support and maintain the purchasing power of low-income families (the first five deciles) and retirees based on a wide test in the years of program implementation, in order to provide a monthly subsistence basket including red meat, white meat, eggs, cheese, liquid oil. and pasta to a certain extent through the handing over of the electronic product catalog to act in such a way that the contribution of the mentioned families during the years of the program is increased by the maximum salary increase in the annual budget law.

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