Osama Hamdan: We are inflicting heavy casualties on the Zionist army/ the resistance will continue until the aspirations of the Palestinian people are realized – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, “Osame Hamdan”, one of the senior leaders of the Palestinian Hamas movement, during a speech strongly criticizing the position of the American government regarding the events that are happening in Gaza, announced that the crimes we are witnessing in Gaza, without “Joe Biden” The President of the United States and his administration and international silence would not have happened.

The continuation of the international silence in front of the Zionists’ brutality takes things to an unknown direction

During a press conference held yesterday in Beirut, Hamdan emphasized that we hold the American government fully responsible for the crimes of the occupiers in the Gaza Strip, and these crimes would not have happened without Biden and international silence. The continuation of international silence against the Zionists’ brutality in Gaza takes things in a direction that no one expects and the situation cannot be controlled.

Regarding the conditions of the war with the Zionist enemy, he announced that al-Qassam battalions (the military branch of Hamas) are causing heavy losses to the occupying army and its soldiers, officers and equipment.

Referring to the continuation of the barbaric aggressions of the occupying regime throughout Gaza, this Hamas leader announced that 43% of the martyrs of these crimes belonged to the south of the Gaza Strip and that the occupying regime does not distinguish between the north and the south and targets all areas. In the meantime, the invaders are violating the most basic human principles by bombing hospitals.

Osama Hamdan stated that the occupiers are destroying everything in Gaza and what is happening in Al-Shifa Medical Complex is an example of the series of barbaric crimes of the occupying regime and the Zionists have launched a campaign to spread lies about Al-Shifa Hospital. The bombing of hospitals takes place in the framework of the enemy’s conspiratorial plan to displace people from northern Gaza.

He pointed out that the Palestinian resistance fighters are trying to secure and protect the lives of the Zionist prisoners, and emphasized that we work according to our moral standards. Not according to the law and behavior of the jungle adopted by the enemy. The Israeli army is the largest terrorist and Nazi organization in the world.

The Palestinian people are not under the guardianship of any party

This senior member of Hamas said about the all-round siege that the enemy has imposed on the people of Gaza, that the food supplies that enter Gaza do not even cover 10% of the people’s needs, and the occupiers continue the policy of starvation against defenseless children and civilians. International, Islamic and Arab institutions must assume their responsibility in stopping the crimes of the occupying regime.

Osama Hamdan clarified that our people have never been under the tutelage of any party and will not be under the tutelage of any party from now on. The Palestinian people determine their own destiny and we will not leave the field as long as the terrorist crimes of the occupying regime continue.

He emphasized that our covenant with God, the Palestinian people and the Islamic Ummah is that we will not back down until we achieve the goals of our nation for freedom and sovereignty over their land. We stand as an impenetrable barrier against the plans of the occupiers and after this there will be no migration of Palestinians from their land and all we will see is freedom and return.

In the end, Hamdan called for the continuation of the global demonstrations against the occupation and the activation of the policy of economic sanctions against the Zionist regime.

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