Kingdom of Sweden; The center of the medical mafia and drug smuggling of hypocrites/ names of drug smugglers for hypocrites – rahnam

According to the political correspondent of rahnam news agency, after the disclosure of details of the names of the companies, covert associations of the hypocrites and their officials in Canada by the domestic media, rahnam news agency has obtained information about the large network of the hypocrites mafia, which shows that a part of this network is focused on smuggling. Medicines and sanitary items.

According to this report, an important part of this drug mafia network is active in the Kingdom of Sweden and its members are formed by doctors who have a history of membership in this group and participation in terrorist operations such as Forough Javidan (Operation Mursad) which led to the failure and killing of hypocrites. in the soil of Iran) in the file.

The task of this network is mostly in the field of finance and supporting the group of hypocrites, and they are active in the field of providing items and necessities for them, especially in the medical sector. For example, based on this information, this network provides some items and medical equipment needed by the headquarters of the hypocrites in Albania, such as ethanol, gelophane tablets, a number of oximeter devices (blood oxygen test), ventilators, gowns and sheets for infectious diseases, etc. Health items related to Corona, such as masks and specialized medicines, which were rare in Albania, were smuggled into this country and transferred to the headquarters of Ashraf 3.

One of the methods of providing these drugs is that the mentioned doctors work in different branches of medicine such as psychiatry, dentistry, pharmacy, and surgery, etc., and in the meantime, by writing fake prescriptions for the elements of the group, they provide part of these drug needs.

However, in the information obtained by the rahnam news agency, the identity of some elements of this drug mafia network belonging to the hypocrites in the Kingdom of Sweden, who are also connected with the Swedish security service, has been obtained, which is as follows:

1- Hanifa Khairi: resident of Malmö, Sweden

2- Amina Azasiri, son of Mohsen and Fatemeh, born on 29/12/1338 in Tehran, alias: Azam Memari, resident of Stockholm, Sweden, head of the Iranian Women’s Community Association – Stockholm

3- Sina Dashti, the son of Mohammad Mehdi – birth certificate number 982 – born on 28/06/1342 in Shiraz. Sina Dashti is a specialist in infectious diseases and a resident of Utoyori, Sweden, who was responsible for an important part of drug smuggling to Albania during the Corona era.

4- Farzaneh Dashti, a dentist living in Sweden, who works with her husband Siamak Safari as part of the hypocrite mafia network in Sweden (Dashti Group).

5- Firouze Dashti, a member of Iranian specialist associations in Norway and her husband Behrouz Omid (dentist)

6- Seyed Ali Hashemi, the son of Seyed Mohammad, born in 1332 in Damghan, with the nickname Dr. Ali or Ali Damghani, who is also in contact with his family by phone. He has two daughters who are active in the group. Ali Damghani is one of the trusted doctors of the terrorist group of the hypocrites, and he follows up the medical and treatment affairs of the hypocrites in Sweden and other European countries and visits the headquarters of the group in Europe.

Another point about Hashemi is that he, along with his wife Razia Tolo Sharifi (a doctor with the nickname Mehbooba), one of his sisters named Fatemeh Hashemi and her sister’s husband participated in the Mursad operation, all of whom died except for Ali Damghani, and after this incident with his sister He marries his wife named Mehri Tolo Sharifi. He has a child named Mohammad Reza from his first wife.

According to this information, Ali Damghani also has a sister named Zahra, who traveled to Sweden, and his other sister named Razieh has a history of sympathizing with the hypocrites and being arrested in her case at the beginning of the revolution. After marriage, Razia legally left the country and settled in Sweden, and in recent years, she has traveled inside the country.

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