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Mohammadreza Jamshidi, Secretary of the National Banks and Private Credit Institutions Association, in an interview with the rahnam news agency’s economic reporter, in response to the question that some Telegram channels have announced that the 26,000 billion bank fines have been waived, do you approve of this issue or not? He said: As far as I know, the fine has not been ruled out.

He informed about sending the written complaint of the banks to the first vice president and emphasized: Yesterday we sent this complaint in the form of a letter to the office of the first vice president. We had previously filed a complaint with the Minister of Economy, but despite the fact that he sent a handwritten letter to the tax agency, the banks were still fined.

In this connection, Jamshidi stated: After the follow-ups, the Honorable First Vice President ordered the Ministry of Economy to investigate the issue. Then the Minister of Economy and Finance also ordered the head of the Tax Affairs Organization under No. 77610/2 dated 02/05/1402 “Greetings to Mr. Sobhanyan, due to the controversial issue of the amount of crimes committed by banks due to the implementation of the law on the jump in housing production, until the definitive assignment is determined.” The executive order should not be issued.” Therefore, according to the said order, the recent statements of the Honorable Minister of Economy and Finance in this matter caused many surprises.

The Secretary of the Association of Banks and Private Credit Institutions of the country emphasized: According to the instructions of the Central Bank of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, it was supposed to launch a system for this purpose so that the applicants can register their application in this system. Unfortunately, this system was not launched until the end of 1401 for unknown reasons. Therefore, no applicants for housing facilities subject to the aforementioned law were introduced to private banks by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

Jamshidi said: Regarding the non-launch of the said system by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, in the follow-ups carried out in February 1401, this ministry has announced in writing how slow it is to establish the relevant system in order to provide facilities to the housing sector.

According to him, according to the explanations provided and the available documents, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development has been the main factor behind the slowness of providing facilities in the housing sector because it has not launched the system of introducing applicants on the scheduled date.

He stated: It was not the case that the banks resisted the payment of this facility because basically there were no applicants to receive this facility or they were not introduced to the banks to follow up and implement the procedure of providing facilities to these applicants.

Jamshidi announced: On this occasion, we request the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to announce the names of the applicants for housing facilities who have been introduced to banks and private credit institutions through the relevant system until the end of 2011.

The Secretary of the Association of Banks and Private Credit Institutions pointed to the statements of the Minister of Economy regarding the “fine of 26 thousand billion tomans for 16 banks that are guilty in the field of providing housing facilities” and said: the request of the managers of banks and private credit institutions in this regard is that the Ministry of Roads and urban planning to publish the statistics of the applicants introduced to the country’s banking network through the comprehensive housing system from the date of the official launch of the mentioned system in order to enlighten the public opinion, and the tax authorities are also based on documented statistics regarding the evaluation of the performance of the country’s banking system and expert verification of the amount of commitment Not done, let the banks judge.

* What is the story of the 26 thousand billion fine of the banks? + the names of the banks

According to rahnam’s report, according to the law on the jump in housing production, banks and non-bank credit institutions are required to allocate at least 20% of the payment facilities of the banking system every year to the housing sector at the interest rate approved by the Monetary and Credit Council.

In case of non-compliance with this legal article, the country’s tax affairs organization is obliged to collect and deposit a tax equal to 20% of the unfulfilled obligation from banks and credit institutions in the form of the annual budget to the treasury of the whole country, and according to this law, this amount is transferred to the account The National Housing Fund is deposited.

On this basis, according to the recent statements of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, a fine of 26 thousand billion tomans has been included for the offending banks in the field of granting housing facilities.

Referring to the President’s order in this regard in last week’s meeting of the Supreme Housing Council, Khandozi told the Ministry of Economy about submitting a report in this regard: Based on the report prepared on the performance of 25 banks until November 15 of this year, based on the decision of the appeal of the proceedings, 26 1,263 billion tomans fines have been finalized for the offending banks.

He said: the amount demanded from delinquent banks in the payment of housing facilities based on the Law of Housing Production Jump is 61 thousand 600 billion tomans, for which 59 thousand 152 billion tomans have been voted for in the preliminary stage, and with the finalization of some other votes The fine of 26 thousand billion tomans will be increased.

The minister of economy stated that such processes took many years in the past and noted that: the tax affairs organization dealt with this legal violation in the shortest possible time and the case of all banks will be finalized soon.

Khandozi stated: So far, for Noor Credit Institution, Bank D, Saderat Bank, Melli Credit Institution, Iran-Zemin Bank, Saman Bank, Karabhar Bank, Pasargad Bank, Sina Bank, Shahr Bank, Tourism Bank, Parsian Bank, Agricultural Bank, Sepeh Bank, An appeal decision has been issued for Capital Bank and Postbank.

He continued: The final decision has not yet been issued regarding Maskan Bank, Tehseh Tehseh Cooperative Bank, National Bank, Middle East Bank, Aindeh Bank, Ekhtaz Novin Bank, Mellat Bank, Refah Bank and Tejarat Bank. Banks will be announced soon.

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