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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, the movie “Colonel Soraya” by Lili Aaj is a product of Oj organization, which was first screened at the 41st Fajr festival and won the diploma of honor for the best first film and in two fields of music and special effects. Basri was also a candidate to receive Simorgh. This movie is a new story about Ashraf Garrison and the efforts of the hypocrites group to deceive the youth. Jaleh Samti, Vahid Aghapour, Hamidreza Mohammadi, Diba Zahedi and Shahrouz Aghapour are among the actors of the film.

Babak Panahi said about the construction of the sets of “Colonel Soraya” movie: usually, it is not an easy task to make projects that require certification. Before making the decor, it is checked from the financial point of view whether it will be cost-effective or if it is better to enter the main location. Since Camp Ashraf is no longer in its former form, it was not economically justified to go to Iraq. Therefore, it was decided to build the decor in the Holy Defense settlement and on a flat surface.

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This stage designer added: Since the Ashraf camp has changed, we made it based on a series of limited photos and videos. I remember those two lions that were placed in front of Ashraf Barracks, their manes had a problem, and when we designed them, we designed the lions exactly in such a way that those manes had the same problem, and when those who saw Ashraf Barracks closely When they saw these lions, they said that they were made exactly the same way and it was very interesting for them.

Pointing to the construction of Soraya Camp, Panahi added: In addition to the construction of Ashraf Barracks, Soraya Camp was also built, which was the residence of the families. We had footage from Soraya camp, but it was limited, so we made designs based on the location of the camera. The other part was the headquarters of the Iraqis; We built a place similar to a checkpoint. According to these 3 main locations, the decor designs were done in the holy defense town and 0 to 100 locations were built, which even included road construction.

Emphasizing that films like “Colonel Soraya” are not feel-good comedies, but they should be seen, he said: It is natural that the audience in the current situation would like to watch a comedy film to make them feel better. Movies like “Colonel Soraya” are not doing well, but movies like this should be seen and worked on them so much that the audience will be eager to go and see that movie. It means that the audience goes to watch the movie with the intention of seeing an important movie. These films should be advertised in such a way as to generate curiosity. The absence of such maneuvers will prevent such good and strong films from being seen and sold, and they will not create waves.

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Panahi noted: These issues should be dealt with in an expert manner so that the value of these films can be seen and preserved so that the audience will be eager and curious to see the film before it is shown. Films like these are important films, but unfortunately for whatever reason they are not well advertised and therefore not seen.

Emphasizing different views on the films made and screened in festivals, he said: Anyway, in most festivals, films are usually viewed as political, factional and and more attention is paid to some films. This issue has caused this criticism even about festivals that are held outside of Iran. Of course, the critical view that I have towards festivals is not only towards the judges but also towards the curators of the festivals and the film production team.

Panahi continued: It seems that the film production and preparation agents do not provide ID cards of the films that are made and sent to festivals such as Fajr Film Festival. In my opinion, this matter is important, but it is ignored. Because in any case, all the actors work together to make a movie, and this should be shown in a way.

Referring to the attempt of the movie “Colonel Soraya” to tell a new story about the war, this set designer added: “Colonel Soraya tried to show a different climate and geography of the war, and therefore they should be seen more and should not be simply passed over.” did This issue is a weakness on the part of the festival organizers and the film production team. If it is going to be advertised for a movie, providing the right birth certificate can help in promoting and being seen; This is how the film was made from A to Z. Presenting the birth certificate in this way will affect the future of the film. Because it makes the film to be seen more in festivals and to be nominated on various topics.

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Expressing the good feeling that he got after watching the movie, Panahi said: I liked the movie that I saw very much and I thanked God that the hard work that was done has turned out well. The mood of the film was very well displayed.”

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