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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, Mehdi Naqoyan mentioned some news about the production cycle of Simafilm and the creation of new TV series, which, along with the variety of other genres, was a significant entry into the field of humor and comedy. The beginning of the pre-production of “Zirkhaki” and the filming of the fifth season of “Nunkh” as well as serious negotiations with “Capital” are examples of this.

Naqoyan pointed out that, fortunately, we are currently negotiating “Capital” in addition to “Zirkhaki” and “Noonkh”, and also the estimates of the work process of the series “Tanz Badal” directed by Ali Masoudi show that this series will be released this year for Nowruz. In addition to that, “Qol Mardoone” and “Honeymoon” are two series that have wonderful scripts that are in the pre-production and selection stage. We have a serious plan for the promotion of comedy on television, and God willing, it will be able to show itself on the air.

These statistics and events are pleasant and hopeful. Follow-ups show that Ali Masoudi’s “Badel” series is being filmed in Ten Vank these days. A group of comic actors play a role in this collection; Actors who have previously collaborated with Ali Masoudi in other projects, including the “Colorful New Year” series.

Shahram Qaidi is one of the actors in the name of this project, or Hadi Amel Hashemi, who played a role in “Nowruz Rangi”. Saed Hedayati, who is better known for playing in Mehran Moderi’s series, is also playing in “Badel” on TV these days, and after a long time, he is returning to “Dang and Feng Roozag” and “Paternal Inheritance”.

Ashkan Ishtiaq, whose series “Dardserhay Azim” is rebroadcast on TV these days and his latest works are “Butimar” and “Plaque 13”, is now going to return to Nowruz air with this series. In this regard, some new actors are also introduced, including Farzaneh Sohaili and Parisa Moqtadi.

The follow-ups show that the deliciousness of the series takes the audience to “new color”, but the atmosphere of the series is today and it shows the story of human evolution in a humorous atmosphere.

Like his other works, Ali Masoudi also wrote “Badel” and it will be broadcast in 26 episodes.

Even though Mehdi Naqoyan introduced this series as a satirical television series and series such as “Nunkh 5”, “Rostgari” which is considered to be the series of Nowruz and Ramadan, other series are coming from all over the place that will be aired during Nowruz and Ramadan. Receipt.

It should be seen that the television’s decision to change the broadcasting system for arranging its Nowruz lineup includes two humorous series every night and one transcendental series (redemption) and one luxurious series on TV channels 1 and 3 on two days of the weekend (Thursday and Friday). Or is the combination chosen differently?

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