The price of sugar reached the approved rate – rahnam

Reza Kangari, head of the Union of Food Bankers, said in a conversation with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency: “The sugar market has been regulated and there is enough of this product in warehouses at the moment, so that the market is saturated and new loads are not welcome.”

He added: Bankers provide sugar to retailers and supermarkets at a price of 26,800 tomans, so that it is available to consumers at a price of 28,500 tomans (in bulk), which is a fixed rate in the market and even lower than the approved rate. It is sold.

Despite the decrease in the price of sugar in the market, this product is still sold in some stores above the approved price. It should be noted that the price of packaged sugar is different and it is sold more expensive than bulk sugar.

The head of the Union of Food Bankers continued: The high distribution of sugar in the market has caused this price in some stores to be even lower than the approved rate of 28,500 tomans and sold at a price of 27,000 tomans.

He clarified: The price of sugar reached 42 thousand tomans in the market at one point, but with the distribution of this product by bankers and informing the members, the price of sugar suddenly broke.

Kangari stated that at one point, sugar was distributed only by fruit and vegetable markets and chain stores, and bankers were not seen as distributors of goods in retail stores, and stated: For this reason, sugar is available to bankers through an intermediary at a rate of 34 thousand tomans and at a rate of 39 One thousand tomans was provided to supermarkets in the city, but since 25 days ago, when sugar was directly provided to bankers, the market stabilized.

Reduction of 10 thousand tomani in the price of sugar

According to the field observations of the reporter of rahnam news agency, the price of bulk sugar in the market has decreased from 40 thousand tomans per kilogram to 30 thousand tomans, and in some stores, which are mainly chain stores and fruit and vegetable markets, the price is 28 thousand. And it is sold for 500 tomans.

At times of the past months, there was no sugar for sale at the approved price in fruit and vegetable markets and chain stores.

20 thousand tons of sugar were distributed for household use

Ahmad Khani Nozari, acting deputy of commercial development of the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture, in response to a report in cyberspace about the shortage and rationing of sugar, denied it and announced that the sugar needed by the people has been sufficiently supplied and distributed at an approved price in the household consumption network. And there is no limit to supply more of it.

He added: since the beginning of this year, in addition to the supply of sugar by the private sector, a monthly amount of 20,000 tons has been distributed by the state trading company for household consumption through official networks.

Khani Nozari further said: Considering the beginning of the sugar production season inside the country, and the supply of sugar extracted by domestic factories to the market, as well as the plans made for the import and stable supply of sugar, the sugar market will have stable conditions in the coming months.

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