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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, the review of the official statistics recorded in the Samfa system regarding the sale of films showing that from the 20th of November to the end of the 26th of this month, that is, last Friday, a total of 912,378 compatriots watched their favorite films in 18,303 screenings. have gone to the cinema, and this number of moviegoers have deposited 369 billion 527 million 655 thousand Rials at the box office.

Meanwhile, the comparison of the number of cinema audiences in the mentioned week compared to the previous week, from the 13th to the 20th of Aban, where 916,810 people went to 17,760 cinema screenings, shows that although we have seen a record-breaking number of audiences in this period, a total of 4,432 people in the last week of Aban, i.e. 0.4 percent less went to the cinema, and critics believe that the arrival of new autumn releases in the list of films on the screen could possibly be a new opportunity to improve the statistics.

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What about the newcomers to the screen

On the other hand, the review of the films currently being screened shows that from the beginning of the second month of autumn 1402 to the twenty-seventh day of this month, a total of 7 new films named Popular, Gidgegah, Orange Forest, About 8 Sob, Hedgehog, Serhang Suriya and Aho have been screened in cinemas all over the country. It has been added that the contribution of the social genre is very prominent in them, and some critics believe that with the entry of these films into the screening list in the future, the ratio of the number of cinema audiences among comedy and social genres will undergo significant changes.

In this way, from the beginning of the month to the end of last Friday, the individual performances of the mentioned films are; Aho, which started its release on the third day of Aban, has seen a total of 4047 viewers and earned an income equal to 1 billion 787 million 175 thousand Rials. have an income equal to 15 billion 69 million 45 thousand rials in the record.

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However, “Colonel Soraya”, which was released on the 10th day of Aban, had a total of 20,257 viewers and an income of 8 billion, 216,140,000 Rials, and “Gijgah”, whose name was added to the list of cinema screenings on the 12th day of Aban. After about fifteen days of screening, it managed to have 155,959 audiences and an income of 68 billion 522 million 380 thousand Rials.

At the same time, “Aame Pashand” was released on the 17th of Aban and until last day, it sold a total of 40,979 tickets to earn an income of 20 billion and 666 million Rials. The screening was able to reach 27,975 viewers and has an income equal to 14 billion 4 million and 775 thousand Rials, and in the last case, the “Hedgehog” which started on the 24th of November, also managed to reach 18,998 viewers and an income of 10 billion 455 million 250 thousand. have rials.

Individual performance of films on the screen

Now, if we skip the individual performance of the films that have been released since the beginning of November, it is time to examine the individual performance of the films on the screen in general, but the fact is that at first glance and comparing the share of the total audience of the films from the set of audiences in the mentioned period, i.e. From November 20 to 26, we will watch a total of 22 films registered in the Samfa system in this period, 9 of the most popular films in the table have managed to get a share of 86.09% of the total audience, and the remaining 13 films have a share of 13.91% of the total audience of cinemas across the country. are assigned to themselves.

Based on this, the film “Hotel” with a share of 52.01%, i.e. 474,574 people in 6,303 screenings and an income of 200 billion, 262,930,000 Rials, took the first place, followed by “Becheh-Zarang” with a share of 16.24% of the total audience. The equivalent of 147,850 tickets sold for 2,937 screenings and an income of 46 billion 769 million 970 thousand Rials took the second place.

Fosil took the third place with a share of 9.98% of the total audience of the week in question, equivalent to 91061 tickets sold for 1788 screenings and an income of 36 billion 735 million 65 thousand Rials, compared to “Gijgah” with a share of 4.91% of the total audience. The mentioned period, which is equivalent to 44819 tickets sold for 1533 screenings, experienced an income equal to 18 billion 737 million 700 thousand Rials and took the fourth place.

But “Aamepasand” with a share of 3.28%, i.e. 29,939 tickets sold for 1,001 screenings, had an income equal to 14,408,320,000 Rials and took the fifth place, and “Nargil” with a share of 3.78%, equal to 34,396 tickets sold for 1008 screenings and an income of 12 billion 7 million 455 thousand Rials took the 6th place, and “Hedgehog” also got 18988 audiences, which is a 2.08% share for 461 screenings, and earned an income of 10 billion 455 million 250 thousand Rials, taking the 7th place. He did it in his own name.

Meanwhile, by selling 20,173 tickets, that is, a share of 2.21 percent of the total audience for 830 screenings, “Khod 8 Sobh” was able to earn 9 billion, 535,350,000 Rials in its record, so that it was satisfied with the eighth place of the popular shows of this week. The ninth place went to the city of “Hert” with the sale of 20,938 tickets, which means a 2.29 percent share of the total audience for the period in question for 742 screenings and an income of 8 billion 893 million 410 thousand Rials.

“Orange Forest” reached the tenth place with the sale of 8513 tickets for 448 screenings and the income of 3 billion 983 million 940 thousand Rials, and “Colonel Soraya” with the sale of 9554 tickets for 756 screenings and the income equivalent to 3 billion 740 million 65 thousand Rials It settled for the 11th place and the 11th place of the most talked about week went to the joint product of Iran and Turkey, the movie Hulia with the sale of 3777 tickets sold for 291 screenings and the income of 1 billion 544 million and 65 thousand Rials.

The 13th tie went to “Akht al-Reza” with the sale of 4380 tickets for 154 screenings and an income equal to one billion 304 million 460 thousand Rials, and “Stare Bazi”, a joint production of Iran and America, with the sale of 1053 tickets for 12 screenings and an income of 524 million 850. A thousand rials was enough for the fourteenth place.

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But in the same period, “Aho” was able to attract the opinion of 715 audiences for 70 screenings to reach the 15th place with an income of 312 million and 725 thousand riyals, and the 16th place was given to “Babasibilo” with the sale of 1350 tickets for 5 screenings and an income of 227 reached 1 million 600 thousand Rials and number 10 reached the 17th place by selling 70 tickets for 15 shows and earning 31 million 425 thousand Rials.

This is while “Family Inheritance” reached the 18th place with the sale of 102 tickets for 2 screenings and an income of 24 million 675 thousand Rials, and Zanbur Kargar reached the 19th place with 90 tickets sold for 10 screenings and an income equal to 23 million 725 thousand Rials. So that “Ahang Dofare” took the 20th place by selling 13 tickets for 2 shows and earning 2 million and 275 thousand Rials, and “Maslehat” had an income of 2 million and 100 thousand Rials with the sale of 12 tickets for one show. and made the first in his own name.

But “Motherless” earned 300,000 Rials by selling only one ticket for one show, so that it took the 22nd place, the last rank among last week’s popular shows.

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