The first operational action of the election headquarters of the Unity Council was keyed in Tehran – rahnam

According to the political group of rahnam News Agency, Hasan Bayadi, the head of the election headquarters of the Unity Council in Greater Tehran, issued a letter to the general secretaries of the parties and organizations that are members of the Unity Council, and officially announced the formation of the election headquarters.

Hassan Bayadi emphasized in this letter: In line with the twelfth election of the Islamic Council, the Unity Council has formed an election headquarters with the aim of providing the means for national participation, realizing security, health and popular electoral competition.

He added: After the introduction of the officials of the headquarters and the preparation of a comprehensive, targeted and applicable program in the Supreme Council of the Unity Council, it was decided to synergize with the participation of all the member parties of the council and to strengthen the work of the election headquarters, especially in the constituency of Tehran, Ray. , Shemiranat and Fardis, let’s use the opportunity to accompany all the activists of the organizations in the central structure in a good way.

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