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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, the head of the Broadcasting Organization recently appeared behind the scenes of the production of the “Terror” series. A mini-series about Sardar Delha, which was kept silent until this meeting and even the news was denied!

“Terror” is a product of the Shahid Avini Institute of Thought, which is known for producing two seasons of “Gando” and recently aired “Mahramane” with the same style and style; an institution whose quality of works is of course a source of controversy and previously by Mehdi Naghoyan, the current director of Simafilm, was managed.

According to the previous news, “Assassination” does not depict Sardar’s entire life, but deals with his unsuccessful assassination in Kerman in September 2018, and it is said that the center of its story is the importance of his regional power.

“Terror” has reached the limit of production several times before and has not been completed; The first time, Hamed Angha was the writer and producer, and Hamid Zargrenjad was the director of such works as “Mahura” and “Number 10”. Later, Siros Moghadam was introduced as the new director, but it was still not produced.

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With the presence of Khairullah Taghianipour and Mojtabi Amini as the last director and producer, the spell of “Terror” production was finally broken and its filming began.

Although Taghianipour is a young filmmaker, he has an acceptable record by producing 2 seasons of “Najla” series. He, who is going to reach the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of the series leader, according to his own interpretation, who spoke to rahnam reporter, has filmed two-thirds of the series so far.

Farhad Qahemian, Anoush Moazzami, Ramin Rastad, Mehdi Selouki, Yadullah Shadmani and Afshin Sengchap with the presence of Mohammad Hossein Latifi, Hedayat Hashemi and Shahram Ebrahimi with the introduction of Nanet Tomeh (Armenian-Christian actress) are among the actors of this series.

When we appeared behind the scenes of this series with Khairullah Taghianipour, who one day during the days of Haj Qasim’s martyrdom, he wished to do something for Sardar Delha. rahnam reporter He said: I really thank God; Haj Qasim is a very unique and great personality. They raise this point, how much “assassination” can pay tribute to Haj Qassem Soleimani; I say that if the countries of the world had half of Haj Qasim, they would build many works. He has made works about the world war and their false Hollywood heroes. If we make hundreds of works about these characters, it will not be done. Because personalities like “Haj Qasim” have done great things for the authority and security of this country, and if we have security in the region, it is because of Mr. Haj Qasim. It’s been a long time since our hero’s cinema has faded, while here we have real heroes who have not been created.

One of the points that we were asked during the attendance; Will Haj Qasim be a character in the series that we see and someone will play his role? Taghianipour answered rahnam’s question as follows: We often see Haj Qasim’s influential role in the series, both in documentary form and what his security friends say about this role. But no one plays this role.

He also promised that the series will reach the anniversary of Haj Qassem Soleimani; Because more than 40% of it is built.

Next, we saw Mojtaba Amini, the producer of the series, and of course, other reporters were also present, and he answered everyone’s questions. Amini, in response to rahnam’s reporter’s question about if there was a character like Sardar Qassem Soleimani in Hollywood, hundreds of works would have been made about him, and nothing has been made here yet, and how much can assassination be a religion, and how cinema and television should follow this path; He noted: As a rule, making an artwork about legendary and heroic characters in our country is a difficult task; Because the trustees have different things to comment on the work and confirm it so to speak. The members of the people, the society and the audience have a special zeal towards the legend and hero.

Pointing out that after three years, “Terror” started, he added: “Anyone who dares to go to the subjects of national heroes and legends, such tasks are really difficult and complicated, and the place of these topics is always empty in the showcase of cinema and television works.” Is. This “terror” project has been going on for about 3 years. I think it is thanks to this noble martyr that it reached the production stage after three years. The project is big production and difficult and we are producing it. We started with a special obsession not to embarrass the audience and the people as well as the institutions related to this issue. The pre-production phase took us a lot of time and Arash Qadri took the pains of the script and the text and worked for months for these 8 episodes.

Amini noted: The script was actually rewritten 8 times for these 8 episodes of the miniseries. Arash Qadri followed the writing and rewriting of the script with all his sensitivities, and now we are in the production stage. It is really hard and breathtaking to make legends and national heroes. Really, an 8-episode miniseries for this hero would take as much energy as a 50, 60-episode work.

The producer of the “Terror” series, in response to the question that the complications of making such a series are so complicated and difficult for you, who made “Gando”, added: the kind of work that leads to a hero that people can touch and live with. have done, it is much more difficult than a project that a hero makes himself. The audience will easily identify with that fictional hero and love it and connect with the drama of the story. But the hero who exists and knows it, draws and designs the drama with this theme and produces this work with special obsessions and sensitivities. Because the audience has touched that hero, and the path he has depicted is not understandable and acceptable to the audience, he rejects it. It is because the manufacturers are less risky to build such works.

In response to the question whether Martyr Soleimani’s family is satisfied with the work process, Amini said: “Certainly, Simafilm itself is in contact with the Haj Qasim school, and we left the discussion of the follow-up of the text to the television.” The point of view has definitely been stated and we mostly tried to talk about the ideology and global thinking of Haj Qasim in order to get involved in his sidelines and character. In fact, in the series, we will see a faraway look from the margins of Haj Qasim’s daily work. The story goes back to the failed assassination.

He gave this explanation about the locations of the series: Half of the work has been filmed and soon we will be the guests of the people of Kerman, the capital of the resistance in the country of the city of Haj Qassem Soleimani, and then the work will continue in two other countries and the cameras will be turned on there. Our friends are working 18 hours a day so that we can complete the work on the anniversary of Haj Qasim.

On the sidelines of his talk, Amini also raised the point that he is going to add a humorous work to his production portfolio. He said: “For several months now, I have been focusing on a satirical text. I am interested in making a satire that will make people feel better and produce a healthy and family-friendly satire for people’s hope and cheerfulness.”

In response to rahnam’s reporter’s question that Mr. Jabali said that the third season of “Gando” is going to be made, and probably that the production of this project will be delayed again due to your focus on comic work, he raised this point: We have the ability to do several things at the same time. .

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