Police restrictions for today’s “Revolution Square” rally – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Colonel Seyyed Abulfazl Mousavipour; The head of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police stated: There are three traffic circles in Elginal Square for the support conference for the oppressed people of Gaza, which will be restricted by the Greater Tehran Traffic Police teams.

He added: The first circle is the length of Kargar street from Jumhori to Keshavarz boulevard, Elkhebal and Azadi streets, from the intersection of Zare in the western part to the intersection of Vali Asr (Aj) street in the eastern part. No title will be given.

Mousavipour said: The next circle, which is wider than the first circle, starts from the north of Keshavarz Blvd., from the south of Jomohri-e-Islami Street, from the east of Vali Asr Street and from the west of Tawheed and Nawab Street, and these restrictions will be applied from 14:00.

The head of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police continued: Traffic will be allowed on the roads where there is direct traffic, but drivers will not be allowed to stop and enter on these roads.

He said: The third ring is to apply restrictions from the beginning of the ceremony, of course, if there is a need and necessity, restrictions will be applied in these passages. These places will be in the area of ​​Ferdowsi and Sepahbod Qarani streets from the east, Fatemi street from the north, Jumohri street from the south, and Azarbaijan street and Behbodhi street from the west, which will have temporary traffic restrictions if necessary.

Colonel Mousavipour added: Of course, due to the active presence of my colleagues on this road and the smoothing that is taking place in these roads, restrictions and blocking will be temporary.

He clarified: The main stop and traffic restriction will be applied from 1:00 p.m. today, which is along Kargar Street, the length of El-Ghaneb Street, and the length of Vali-Asr Street (AJ), and the traffic ban will be applied in these areas first.

The head of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police said: It is emphasized that drivers who are present in this area or intend to travel in the announced areas should use alternative routes, which include the length of Jumhori Street in the west-east direction, in the northern parts and In Keshavarz Blvd, Fatemi Street in both directions and Tawheed Tunnel, from the eastern part, Vali Asr Street (AJ) as well as Hafez Street and Ferdowsi Street are alternative routes that citizens can use.

He added: Drivers who are traveling from west to east of Azadi and reach the Tawheed intersection where the police have imposed restrictions can go north and use Fatemi Street, towards Keshavarz Boulevard, or from the south side, use Jumuri Street. and continue the route, and the drivers who are traveling on the south-north route can continue the route from the announced axes.

Colonel Mousavipour stated: The bus stops around the ceremony have been determined and before the ceremony, these buses are present at their places before the ceremony in order to return the citizens to their destinations.

In the end, the head of the Tehran Traffic Police said: The teams of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police will be present at the intersections and areas of the ceremony before the start of the ceremony at 12 noon today, and they will take measures to smoothen the traffic, and the traffic arrangements will be in a way that minimizes We will have limitations.

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