Iran and Turkmenistan are important players in the North-South Corridor – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Mehrdad Bazarpash said at the opening ceremony of the economic conference of traders and businessmen in the 15th exclusive exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran Project) that: I am very pleased with the season of openings and the prosperity of commercial relations between the two countries, which, due to determination and determination, Sustainable, intelligent and forward-looking parties, including government officials and private sector activists and capable companies, are being established. I am present at this meeting.

He thanked the government of Turkmenistan for providing suitable conditions for holding this conference and expressed hope for the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in various fields, including the economic and commercial fields. The Islamic Republic of Iran was exposed to the public and the ground has been provided for the exchange of information and experiences as well as the mutual recognition of the capacities and facilities of the two countries.

He continued: Today, the economic conference will be an opportunity for specialized consultations and talks between economic activists and companies of the two countries in such a way that we can witness the conclusion of commercial contracts between the parties. and Turkmen in all the fields that in this event and with the presence of 94 active Iranian companies in the groups of steel products, equipment and construction materials, technical and engineering services, water and electricity, oil, gas and petrochemical energy, we are witnessing the presence of some of these fields in the form of encouragement And the support provided by the highest government officials, especially the joint economic cooperation commission of the two countries, will be liberalized and both sides will benefit from this favorable environment.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated: The companies present in this exclusive exhibition are among the big and reputable companies at the national and international level, and the services provided by these companies can compete with big and prominent international companies.

In another part of his speech, Bazarpash stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is proud to share the experiences of Iranian companies with the companies of other countries, especially the friendly, neighboring and brotherly country of Turkmenistan, in order to promote bilateral cooperation as well as in the path of regional and international peace and friendship. He said: Iranian companies are ready to implement construction projects in Turkmenistan.

He emphasized: Iran and Turkmenistan are important players in the North-South and East-West corridors. The two countries have agreed to cooperate in the development of corridors.

Bazarpash added: The East-West Corridor plays a major role between the two countries in the Silk Road. On the other hand, I must point out that border markets play an essential role in the economic development of the two countries. In addition, the land and sea border has doubled the advantage of using border markets.

He reminded: In the field of electricity, the presence of active Iranian companies in this sector along with the settlement of project implementation and electricity imports through clearing shows the development and deepening of relations between the two countries of Iran and Turkmenistan.

He said: Turkmenistan has a rail route to Iran’s Chabahar port and provides this country with open seas. Turkmenistan is Iran’s brother, strategic partner and relative.

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