Hezbollah: We respond to US threats by intensifying anti-Zionist attacks / Resistance drones have reached Haifa and beyond – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Sheikh Nabil Qawoq, a member of the Central Council of Hezbollah in Lebanon, in his remarks about the latest developments related to the confrontation process with the Zionist enemy in southern Lebanon and Gaza, announced that the Al-Aqsa storm operation is the peak of the operations and the turning point of the resistance operations and It was also like a historical earthquake that shook the occupying regime, this operation had disastrous and unprecedented consequences on the Zionist enemy and destroyed all the elements of Israel’s power.

The enemy cannot escape defeat with anything

Sheikh Qavuq added that the occupying enemy today is drowning in fear of the future and the reality of defeat, which cannot be changed by anything. The scenes of humiliation and humiliation of the Zionists are in front of the eyes of the world, and the settlers fled from the settlements around the Gaza Strip and are displaced in the Negev, and they do not feel safe even in the shelters, that is why the occupiers resort to weapons to take revenge after the heavy defeat against the resistance. Terrorism and brutality have turned and commit continuous crimes in front of the eyes of the world.

He clarified that the Zionists seek to break the will of the resistance and the Palestinian nation by killing civilians, and they want to move the residents of Gaza to the Sinai desert and displace them, but what happened was contrary to the enemy’s will and imagination, and the occupying regime commits these crimes every day. It sinks into a deeper crisis and becomes more scandalous.

Compromisers betray the blood of Gaza martyrs

This Hezbollah official said: America is the one who manages the Gaza war on the ground and defends the occupying regime in the Security Council and all international circles. It is natural that the United States, as the main supporter of the Zionist interim regime, takes such a position, but it is not natural that in the shadow of the occupiers’ heinous aggressions and killings against the women and children of Gaza, we see that even some Arab and Islamic countries continue to supply oil to the Zionist regime and Economic, security and military relations with this regime continue.

Sheikh Qawoq emphasized: Therefore, it is natural for the people of Gaza to feel that these Arab and Islamic countries are complicit with the enemy to betray the blood of Gaza’s martyrs. The Arabs have a duty to put pressure on America to stop the aggression against Gaza. We know that these countries have many pressure cards, but they still want to remain in the position of betraying the people of Gaza, and the blood of the Palestinian martyrs is a stain on the foreheads of these countries, the Arab compromisers, and all those who cooperate with America and Europe.

We respond to American threats by intensifying anti-occupation attacks

He said about the conditions of Lebanon’s resistance in the fight against the Zionist enemy: Hezbollah was the first resistance group that stood up to support Gaza, and as long as the invaders’ aggression continues, our operations will continue in the field. The Lebanese resistance has imposed a real and unprecedented war of attrition on the occupying enemy, and Hizbollah’s operations have continued to progress, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and will continue to do so.

This Hezbollah official further said: Resistance drones have reached Haifa and beyond Haifa, and we are in the battlefield with our drones and missiles, and we emphasize that Gaza is never alone. The Americans are still sending threatening messages and have sent their ships to the Mediterranean Sea to pressure the Lebanese resistance to stop their operations in the south, but Hezbollah responds to these threats by continuing and intensifying its anti-occupation operations.

In the end, Sheikh Qawuq emphasized: Despite all its threats, America failed to stop the resistance operations in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen to support the people of Gaza, and the resistance fighters are loyal, free and honorable.

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