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According to the space and astronomy correspondent of rahnam news agency, “Biosphere” It is an issue that examines the possibility of humans stepping on another place on the planet, and this issue has occupied the minds of space scientists for years.

Space researchers and scientists in different countries have started their research and practical steps to achieve biospace years ago by sending living beings and later launching humans into space, and biospace in the world has a history of about 80 years.

Islamic Republic of Iran in 1391 with the launch of the pioneer probe and the rhesus monkey with the name “sunshine” And then launch the research probe and monkey “Fargam” To space in 2012, he took a big step in the field of life and space.

The latest status of Iranian astronaut monkeys

But according to rahnam’s reporter, the Iranian astronaut monkeys, Aftab and Fargam, are still alive a decade after their successful launch into space.

rahnam’s reporter has also learned that after the launch, these monkeys have given birth and now have wives and children!

Currently, these monkeys are kept in a special center in Royan Research Institute under the ownership of Air and Space Research Institute of the Ministry of Science.

Characteristics of Iranian space monkeys

Iran’s space monkeys are a species of macaque monkeys (Macaca mulatta) that are found in most parts of the world, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia. Currently, 22 different species of macaques have been identified, the most famous of which is the rhesus macaque. This species is commonly used in biological and cognitive-behavioral experiments.

The body color of rhesus macaques, often called rhesus monkeys, is brown or gray and their face color is pink. The height of an adult rhesus male is 53 cm on average and its weight is 7.7 kg. The height of an adult female is 47 cm and its weight is 3.5 kg, and their tail is about 20 to 23 cm long.

Pioneer probe and rhesus monkey “Aftab”

The first experience of launching living organisms into space by our country’s space researchers in 1988 caused the Islamic Republic of Iran to take a big step in the field of launching biological capsules 3 years later on February 9, 2018, and the Iranian Space Agency launched the “Pioneer Probe” along with a rhesus monkey. In the name of “Aftab”, it successfully launched for 20 minutes to a height of 120 km and returned it.

After climbing to a height of 120 kilometers, this probe was recovered and the rhesus monkey “Aftab” came out of the capsule in good condition and in complete health, and the recovery operation was carried out on it!

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule, Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,


Full movie of the moment of launch and recovery of “Aftab”

“Fargam” monkey research probe and launch into space

The research probe was launched into space with the mission of sending the second monkey astronaut into space and in D class in 2012 and it was 120 km away from the earth’s surface. The “Research Probe” carried a male rhesus monkey named “Fargam” that was launched by Iran.

After improving and developing the subsystems of the previous probe and increasing its reliability, this probe was prepared for launch with a liquid fuel carrier on Saturday, December 23, 2012.

“Trang”, “Trang” and “Fargam” research space monkeys

To conduct biospatial research in the research probe, three trained and desensitized monkeys with the names Fergam, Tarang and Tarang were present. These three monkeys with specific age, weight and body dimensions were selected according to the type of study.

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,

Trained monkeys “Fargam, Tarang and Tarang”

Among these three, Fargam was chosen as the second Iranian astronaut monkey to travel to space and the other two monkeys were chosen as reserve astronauts.

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,


The full movie of the research probe launch


A proud report of the launch and recovery of the “Fargam” monkey research probe and its safe return.

Today, a decade has passed since the launch of the Iranian astronaut monkeys, namely “Aftab” and “Fergam”, monkeys who planted a lot of hope in the hearts of Iranians, especially since their launch and recovery were successful.

After the successful launch of the pioneer probe and the research probe, which included Iranian astronaut monkeys, it was hoped that the dream of sending the first Iranian astronaut with indigenous probes would become a reality in the not-so-distant years. But to the utter disbelief, after the 11th and 12th governments came to power, Iran’s space industry suffered a heavy recession and now, with the 13th government and Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi coming to power, Iran’s space industry has also taken on a new life.

Hasan Salarieh; The head of the Iranian Space Organization says in this context: In the 13th government, we are looking for the development of the space capsule sector, in the 80s we had successful and valuable capsule launches and The launch of these capsules will resume soon, and this issue is very important for the country’s space industry.

Salarieh also emphasized: “Space life” is an issue that is on our agenda. The launching of biological capsules had been stopped, and in the 13th government, with the follow-ups, we will have the first biological capsule launch in the days leading up to 1402.

According to the statements of the head of the Iranian Space Organization and his news about the launch of Iran’s biological capsule in the days leading up to 1402, it seems that we will have good days and news about Iran’s space industry and the issue of space biology.

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