Defense Minister: American citizens must pay for the Zionist regime’s failures – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s defense group, Brigadier General Amir Ashtiani, the Minister of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces, wrote in a note: The strategic achievements of Al-Aqsa Storm have been more than forty days since the war that started with the initiative, intelligence and powerful arm of the Palestinian youth. This battle transformed a new model of previous calculations in the region and on the other hand presented a new picture of the Palestinians inside and outside the occupied territories and proved that there is no other way than fighting to save Palestine from occupation.

This war, with all its ups and downs, successes and bitterness, has several important achievements, first of all, the formation of a new strategic culture from Palestine. Strategic culture is a simple definition of the way nations fight. One of the components of evaluating countries for starting any war is to pay attention to the strategic culture of that land and its people; To what extent and in what way nations fight and resist. During the entire Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Palestinian nation turned the principles of trust, patience, endurance and intransigence, creativity and courage, patriotism and adherence to the Palestinian cause into the main components of its strategic culture.

A fierce resistance against the occupiers was recorded in front of the eyes and minds of the nations of the world, and we can boldly say that from now on, the whole world will respect the Palestinian fighting men and women. It is not a secret that today the occupying regime of Jerusalem is more powerful than the Yom Kippur war regime and Palestine has become weaker despite sanctions and pressure. With this description, until now this confined and suffering region has resisted for more than 40 days and despite offering martyrs and enduring many pains and hardships, it has inflicted amazing blows on the body of the hideous and fake Israeli regime that so far none of the army The powerful Arabs have not succeeded in such an achievement.

Secondly; The blow inflicted on the body of the Zionist regime, which was chewed by the termite of corruption for months, is irreparable with the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and the aftershocks of this defeat will haunt the regime for years, and its disgrace will serve as intelligence teachings and an example of surprise in security and political schools. Teaching and examples will be given. It will take years for powerful and stylish countries to repair and rebuild such blows, and it will certainly take a long time for the weak Zionist regime that does not have the necessary focus.

The presence of high-ranking American officials in the early days of the war was aimed at preventing the collapse of the regime and encouraging their leaders not to flee outside the borders of the occupied land, and the reason for the shameless silence in the face of the killing of hundreds of Palestinian women and children to prevent From the escape of the Zionists, the spreading and becoming a model of this operation and ultimately preventing the collapse and transfer of the crisis to America and Europe.

Third, the Zionist regime is in the nightmare of losing the dream of the Zionist ideal and the mass and disappointing return of the Zionists who were brought to the occupied territories with thousands of ideological and empty promises. Heavy immigration, mistrust of Jews, sharp decline in the value of the regime’s assets and the monetary crisis paint a dark future, and it is impossible for the regime to continue this trend.

Fourth, severe internal differences between parties and influential people, along with global hatred and the loss of credibility and international character of this regime, are among the strategic bottlenecks that all these costs are written on the accounts of Americans and taxpayers and American citizens must pay for them. Of course, the amount of debris and destruction of the regime crises for America will be more than estimated and it can be said that it will add a new crisis to the current crisis of America.

Today, everyone knows that this success is due to the idea of ​​resistance and responding to the ever-living model of resistance that Imam Khomeini (RA) founded with the Islamic Revolution and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Imam Khamenei (Madh Zala Al-Aali) nurtured it so that from West Asia It has spread to Latin America among the oppressed of the world.

Although Palestine has been wounded, it is prouder, more alive, more cheerful and more proud than all these years of occupation. Hamas or any other resistance group will be more alive and dynamic as long as the idea of ​​resistance is alive. Hamas is a manifestation of the will of the Palestinian nation because it is in the heart of the Palestinian nation and belongs to the Palestinian nation itself, and this is the secret of victory, invincibility and durability of the resistance.

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