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According to rahnam news agency Qom The scientific meeting “BBC’s double play in Gaza, the thematic study of the BBC’s news approach in Al-Mu’amdani Hospital incident” was held with the presence of professors and university and students in the Sheikh Kilini Hall of the University of Religions and Religions.

The approach of the western media towards the events in Gaza is in line with the interests of Israel

Professor Hatefpour Rashidi, a member of the academic staff of the University of Religions and Religions Department of Communication, said in this ceremony: The approach of the Western media towards the events in Palestine and especially Gaza, is always in line with securing the interests of Israel and downplaying the rights of the Palestinians in this conflict. It has been seven decades.

He added: During the recent struggle of the Palestinians against Israel under the title of Al-Aqsa storm, this process of information was followed by the western media. However, the explosion of al-Mu’amdani hospital in Gaza, which resulted in a large amount of criticism and condemnation of the Zionist regime’s performance, also affected the type of performance of the Western media.

A member of the academic staff of the Communication Department of the University of Religions and Religions said:For more than 70 years, the people of Palestine and the Middle East have been facing a problem called the conflict between the Arabs and Israel, which has caused not only the lives and security of thousands of people to face serious challenges during these years, but also the security of the region is facing a serious threat. be

Pour Rashidi stated: This category has regional and extra-regional political dimensions apart from human dimensions, which has caused different countries in the region to adjust their relations according to this existing and inevitable default due to the fear and influence of this category. and face fundamental challenges in their relationships and even internal issues every now and then.

Referring to the psychological warfare of the enemy media in the attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza, he continued: BBC, as one of the most reliable radio and television networks in the world, has not performed very positively in the recent events in Gaza and the conflict between Palestine and Israel. It should be taken into consideration what was the performance of this media regarding these developments and especially the killing of al-Momadani Hospital on October 17, 2023.

A member of the academic staff of the Communication Department of the University of Religions and Religions stated: The conflict between Muslims and Jews goes back to the years of the advent and mission of the Holy Prophet of Islam. has been faced, the story of Bani Nazir Jews and related issues are among the conflicts between Muslims and Jews, during the following years and in many centuries these differences and conflicts manifested themselves in different ways and By emphasizing the ownership of Jerusalem and the Palestinian land, the parties showed their deep differences.

Pour Rashidi continued: On October 17, 2023, ten days after the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation in the occupied territories, at 19:00 local time, Al-Mu’amdani or Al-Arabi hospital in Gaza was subjected to the most severe attacks by the Zionist regime, which resulted in the martyrdom of about There were 500 people who took shelter in this hospital, most of the martyrs of these attacks were women and children.

He added: This incident, which was introduced as a massacre by the doctors present at this hospital, was suspected by some western media and also western governments from the very beginning. The large volume of international criticism against the Israeli regime caused the Israeli regime to quickly deny its role in this incident and claim that the explosion was caused by the wrong firing of a rocket by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

A member of the academic staff of the Department of Communication of the University of Religions and Religions said: The statements of the authorities and Western countries were actually a confirmation of Israel’s claim. Britain announced that its assessment, based on information and analysis by weapons experts, is that the explosion was likely caused by a rocket fired from inside Gaza towards Israel. French military intelligence also came to this conclusion. The United States had previously said that Israel was not guilty based on “above images, interceptions and open source information”, but these supportive comments from Western countries did not reduce the anger and hatred of Muslim nations. These irrational comments and support have caused a deep hatred of Israel’s behavior in this matter, not only among Muslims, but also among the global public opinion.

Pour Rashidi stated: Based on the investigations of the news published about Al-Mu’amdani Hospital from October 7 to November 1, 2023, the published contents are mostly about stating the number of dead and the depth of the disaster, using the term “hospital massacre” and covering protests. There have been other countries and international convictions.

He added: The point of interest in this news is the emphasis on the culpability of the Islamic Jihad and the extensive coverage of the claim of the Western countries in the responsibility of the Islamic Jihad, as well as the publication of some news regarding the field investigations carried out at the site of the explosion and finally the failure to discover projectile weapon parts and considering it a kind of Contradictions in the report of both sides and finally the rejection of Israel’s responsibility with the opinions of others.

A member of the academic staff of the Communication Department of the University of Religions and Religions said: In total, four organizing themes were extracted from the basic themes extracted from the published news, including reflecting the realities, the role of resistance in the explosion, Israel’s responsibility in the explosion, and doubting the reasons and factors of the explosion.

The BBC has paid attention to the double game in the Gaza war

Pour Rashidi stated: BBC’s way of looking at this issue indicates that it is trying to protect all parties in terms of its emphasized neutral approach, which ultimately Double play It was extracted and selected as the general theme of this review.

The deadly silence of the Western media regarding the many war crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Palestine

He pointed out: Such approaches by the western international media are unprecedented, and in the past such behaviors have also taken place on the part of these international media, deadly silence in the face of the gross violation of human rights in Palestine and numerous war crimes. The Zionist regime in Palestine has always been ignored by these media, and this time, due to the large amount of international criticism, the issue has only been addressed with a two-sided approach.

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