Iran’s cooperation with Turkmenistan to make maximum use of the North-South rail corridor – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam news agency sent to Turkmenistan, Khairullah Khademi, on the sidelines of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development’s trip to Turkmenistan, reminded that one of the approaches of the 13th government is to establish better and more appropriate communication with neighboring countries and stated: In this approach, transportation And transit has been more important.

He added: The Islamic Republic of Iran is the gateway to other countries and their link to the East and the West. In addition, we can bring great national benefits to the people of Iran in terms of transit income, for which we need to plan.

He clarified: Turkmenistan is one of Iran’s neighboring countries in the north, and by the way, the north-south rail corridors of our country lead to this country in two directions; It means ferns and so on. Currently, Turkmenistan is the only rail route of neighboring countries from south to north and rail connection to China and Russia.

Emphasizing that a good relationship with Turkmenistan can bring us an opportunity to increase transit, he added: For this reason, good planning should be done for the development of the country’s infrastructure.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development continued by reminding that there is currently transit from the north to Bandar Abbas or from Russia to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran using the Inchebrun rail route, and said: we must be able to make maximum use of this capacity. Currently, the transportation capacity of rail corridors is very empty; We have a transportation capacity of about 7 million tons in Sarkhes and about 5 million tons in Inchebrun, and we use a small number of these.

Stating that we can plan to increase rail transit through the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the coordination of Turkmenistan, Khademi said: “In the field of exporting technical and engineering services, Turkmenistan is interested in the implementation of transportation infrastructure by Iranian companies.”

He continued: Of course, it was planned for this work since 1990, but unfortunately it was postponed. Recently, during the visit of the president of this country to Iran, an agreement was reached to entrust the construction of Turkmenistan’s road infrastructure to Iranian contractors.

He reminded: Based on the initial agreement, 200 km has been built. We hope to be able to confirm this route during our trip to Turkmenistan.

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