Amir Abdullahian’s warning to America about the continuation of crimes in Gaza and the West Bank – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, in an interview with an English media, emphasized once again that Iran does not want the scope of conflicts in the Gaza war to expand, but if the crimes against the people in Gaza and the West Bank continue, the conflicts will expand. it’s inevitable.

According to the Financial Times newspaper, Iran’s senior diplomat said in this interview that Tehran told America through confidential channels that it does not want the scope of the Gaza war to expand, but warned Washington about this.

According to this newspaper, while ruling out direct talks between Iran and the United States, Amir Abdollahian stated: “During the past 40 years, messages between Iran and the United States have been exchanged through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran as the protector of American interests.”

The head of Iran’s diplomatic service added: “In response to the US, we said that Iran does not want to expand the war, but due to the approach adopted by the US and Israel in the region, if the crimes against the people of Gaza and the West Bank do not stop, every possibility can be considered and wider conflicts They may become inevitable.”

The US government under the presidency of US President Joe Biden has announced the most extensive practical support to Tel Aviv since the start of the Zionist war against Gaza. In addition to sending a multi-million dollar aid package through behind-the-scenes channels, the Biden administration has also increased arms sales to this regime.

The position of the American government is in clear contradiction with the public opinion in this country. In the past days, various cities in America have become the scene of demonstrations in support of the ceasefire in Gaza and to condemn the Israeli attacks.

Despite this, the Biden administration has announced that it is not calling for a cease-fire in Gaza and has only supported so-called “humanitarian ceasefires”. Since October 7, more than 11,500 Palestinians have been martyred in the attacks of the Israeli regime on different areas of Gaza.

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