Abu Tarabi: The Zionist regime is suffering from brain death/ The grounds for passionate participation in the elections should be provided – rahnam

According to the political reporter of rahnam news agency, Hojjatul Islam Seyyed Mohammad Hasan Abu Torabifard, Imam of Tehran’s temporary Juma, during the religious-political prayer sermons held this week at the University of Tehran, while referring to the recent meeting of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution with the members of the Guardian Council, said: He pointed out the need to provide a platform for people’s enthusiastic participation and at the beginning of this year, they discussed the strategies of security, health, competition and participation in the elections.

He added: Participation in elections is the most obvious type of political participation in democratic societies and is a symbol of the will of the nation to determine its collective and political destiny. Wide participation in elections plays a decisive role in consolidating the link between the state and the nation and the circulation of elites, as well as the transfer of power, and is the most important means of manifesting the nation’s will and sovereignty.

The temporary imam of Tehran said: political competition is one of the most important factors in increasing participation and active presence at the ballot boxes. Looking at this important, competition is a prerequisite for passionate participation; The Supreme Leader of the Revolution emphasized this issue in the recent meeting of the members of the Guardian Council.

Abu Tarabi stated: The decisions of some executive boards were not wise, wise and in line with these principles and were criticized by concerned experts and senior executive officials. I hope that with the correct planning and the sense of responsibility of the statesmen and the dear nation, we will witness the presence of the authority of the great nation of Iran in the upcoming elections.

Referring to the conflicts in Gaza and the crimes of the Zionist regime, he said: More than 40 days have passed since this authoritarian resistance. Palestine is a part of Islam and Gaza is also a part of Palestine. Imam Musa Sadr used to say “We consider Israel to be absolute evil”. I don’t know any diet more dangerous than this diet; The formation and perpetuation of this child-killing regime is with the full political-military-economic support of the United States.

Khatib Juma of Tehran stated: Based on the British project and the illegal Balfour Declaration in 1919, the ground for the birth of this infamous regime was provided, and with the management of England and America in 1948, its illegitimate birth was formed. During about 70 years, this regime captured the oppressed land of Palestine by killing Muslims and Christians as well as occupying it, and with the support of Western powers and the United States, its shameful and spidery life has continued until today.

Abu Tarabi pointed out: the occupying regime has been one of the most important components of the crisis in the Middle East region and the Islamic world and the international community; With the amazing military-intelligence victory of the Palestinian Mujahideen in the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the intelligence, military and security hegemony of this fake regime collapsed and was literally brain dead.

He said: According to the survey of the National Security Studies Institute of the Zionist regime in 2022 and 2023, the most popular institutions in the occupied territories were the army and their intelligence and security agencies, but the point that was reflected in the media of the occupied territories and discussed by military and security analysts was that How did the collapse of the intelligence, security and military system of this regime and the disgraceful failure of their 143rd division and the killing of the commander of this division happened within a few hours in a half day?

Temporary imam of Tehran said: The Al-Aqsa storm operation collapsed Ben-Gurin’s military doctrine on which the military, intelligence and security strategy of this regime was based. This doctrine was based on three principles; Invincibility and military superiority that deprives the enemies of the courage to think about any offensive operations. Second, intelligence superiority and monitoring of any action and thirdly, the transfer of the battle zone to the enemy’s territory and outside the occupied territories.

Abu Tarabi stated: The heroes of Gaza showed that this regime is deprived of the minimum military power and capacity and defense power against 2000 fighters of Gaza. The heroes of Gaza penetrated about 40 kilometers in the occupied territories of 1948 and paralyzed the entire intelligence-security system of the regime.

He added: With this action, the fighters of Gaza mocked the intelligence aristocracy and the intelligence superiority of this regime. The operations of the Gaza warriors took place in the heart of the occupied territories, not in Gaza; They faced the so-called powerful Zionist army.

Khatib Juma of Tehran said: During the last four decades, the occupying regime has failed in all its military operations against the axis of resistance without exception. This power-building operation exposed the shaky pillars and spider web of the regime in front of the eyes of the international community and displayed the scientific, strategic and military authority, the power of information, science and technology, and the power of the field command of Hamas and the resistance forces.

Abu Tarabi stated: About six weeks have passed since the massive invasion of the West, America, its allies and the Zionist regime on the oppressed Gaza. This invasion removed the mask from the black and monstrous face of this regime and its allies. Children, women and the oppressed but powerful citizens of Gaza are under phosphorous bombs and Zionist missiles; These missiles are actually fired from Washington, and before they target the foundations of Gaza, they target the pillars of the Zionist regime’s authority.

He pointed out: During this period, about 70 thousand tons of military weapons were provided to this regime by American ships, but the world saw that a nation with empty hands but with faith, patience, perseverance and the support of the warriors of the axis of resistance around the world is surrounded by water. Food and medicine discredited the global empire and the dominance of bombs over the will and showed that the philosophy of blood over the sword and the scandal of oppression is true.

The temporary imam of Tehran stated: “Today, the world is witnessing in one field resistant men and women who did not raise a white flag under the fire of the Zionists and stood up against them, and in front of them there are tyrants who mocked human rights and human values.”

Abu Tarabi said: Last month, a prominent diplomat of the Group of 7 said in an interview with The Times, “We definitely lost the battle in the global south and we lost in Ukraine, and all the work we had done in this part of the world was lost in Ukraine. Advice to Forget international law, forget world order, they will not listen to these words anymore. Today the world has come to the reality that America cannot even provide security to its closest ally and protect him from Al-Aqsa storm; how does he want security? organize the world and the world order desired by the West?”

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