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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, we are on the eve of the 40th day since the beginning of the “Aqsa storm” saga. For forty days, the world witnessed an unequal war against the people of Gaza. The people who stood by the resistance groups with empty hands in front of cannons, tanks and rockets to protect their motherland with their claws and teeth.

The people of Gaza were surrounded by the enemy and only limited humanitarian aid is allowed to enter Gaza. Aids that do not cover the basic needs of the people. Like fuel, which is necessary for hospital affairs, but Israel does not allow it to enter because of the fear of Hamas and under the pretext that the resistance forces may use it.

Images of Gaza are being published these days, if a person sees them, it is possible to die. This is while the Arab countries sent “shrouds” as part of their aid to Gaza. But is this approach of the rulers of the Arab countries new or is it a precedent? When Israel decides to start the biggest war crimes against the defenseless people of Gaza, it knows very well that except for its staunch supporter, the United States, many countries, especially the Arab countries, will support it behind the scenes, sometimes to keep up appearances among their own people. They give a message and condemn the war!

Countries with rich resources of oil and gas are more servants of Israel than friends of Palestine. Servants whom Israel does not feel any concern about their existence and this issue has been brought up many times in the speeches of its officials and has humiliated them.

For example, in March 2004, when Sharon decided to assassinate Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the leader and founder of Hamas, the Americans opposed and were worried about the consequences of assassinating a well-known religious and political figure in the Islamic world. But Sharon told them not to worry, Jahan Salam would not go beyond issuing a statement of condemnation. That was it, and 26 days later, Israel assassinated Sheikh’s successor, Dr. Rentisi, with a missile attack from the air to the ground.

The State of Palestine, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, the Zionist regime (Israel),

Shahidah Ayat Al-Akhrs, a 22-year-old Palestinian girl who was forced to commit martyrdom, writes in a part of her will: What is the point of living now that death threatens us from all sides? We will meet death before it comes to us and we will take our revenge before we die.

The State of Palestine, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, the Zionist regime (Israel),

Addressing the armies of the Arab countries who saw years of oppression against this oppressed nation and did not bring it upon themselves, he also says: “The Arab armies should look at the Palestinian girls and learn to fight from them.”

Netanyahu, the current prime minister of the Zionist regime, also recently published a message that showed that the status of Arab countries towards Israel has not only not changed, but their humiliation has also increased. Addressing these Arab men, Netanyahu says: “I say to the Arab leaders, if you want to protect your interests, you have to do one thing… keep quiet.”

The humiliation of these countries is so great that even this Zionist usurper, who has no reputation in the world, and every day we see people marching in Europe and other countries, in support of the Palestinian nation, does not covertly but publicly broadcast this message. And he does not shy away from it.

The State of Palestine, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, the Zionist regime (Israel),

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