Taj: I hope for the success of the national team in the Nations Cup/ We reached an understanding with TV and Radio – rahnam

According to the sports reporter of rahnam news agency, Mehdi Taj said after Iran’s 4-0 victory against Hong Kong: “It was a very good game.” I hope the people liked the national team’s game and our national team will continue the same process in the future games.

He said about the second game of the national team against Uzbekistan: For this game, we took a special plane to take the team to Uzbekistan, because if we go by public plane, it is difficult and the team has to get off 2-3 places. God willing, the national team will get a promising result there, and our junior team will also get a good result tomorrow. The national team will go to Uzbekistan on a special flight on Saturday.

In response to the fact that football fans are very hopeful of the national team winning the Nations Cup, the president of the Football Federation stated: “That’s the truth.” Last night, we had a meeting with the national team players and a conversation with the team captains. I hope for the success of the national team, but it is football. We have to support the national team. This issue is also the duty of the federation and must be done continuously.

Regarding the fact that Sedavsima does not provide the necessary support, Taj noted: We had an interaction and understanding with Sedavsima, and if Sedavsima deems it necessary, it will publish it and the situation is going well. We held meetings with the directors of Channel 3 and the financial administrative vice-president of Sedavosima, and we have good conditions. Sedavsima has helped and we hope it will continue.

He said about the protest of the head coach of Hong Kong about the training place before the game: We should have provided them with a training ground that had light, and the railway field also had these conditions. We gave them land number 2, which they did not accept.

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