Minister of Education: 2100 sports spaces will be created in the country’s schools – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency Shahr e KordThis morning at Andisheh High School in Dastgerd village, Reza Murad Sahrai said: When we look at the history of this province, 9 thousand years of history shows the valuable roots of its people and culture.

The Minister of Education pointed to the martyred students and said: You should always remember the martyrs, many of whom were the same age as you. I saw a fourteen-year-old martyr in the grave of your martyrs. If he defends religion and honor, he has a high level of understanding and his level of understanding cannot be compared with ordinary people.

Referring to the Basic Transformation Document, Sahrai said: In the document, it is said that Iranian students should be strengthened in six areas so that they become an effective, energetic, skilled, entrepreneurial and lively person to build themselves, the society and the country.

He addressed the biological and physical area of ​​one of the six areas of the fundamental transformation document and stated: the biological and physical area of ​​the fundamental transformation document means that the student must be healthy and fit and healthy in every way. became.

Referring to Shahid Soleimani’s plan, the Minister of Education continued: 2100 intra-school sports spaces will be created in this plan with the cooperation of other organizations, among these 2100 intra-school sports spaces are artificial grasses.

Referring to the creation of artificial lawns in this province, Sahrai continued: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province had a large number of these lawns, 44 artificial lawns will be opened in the first stage and 13 in the second stage.

Referring to the cost and credits of Shahid Soleimani’s project in this province, he said: In this province, education has spent 15 billion tomans for sports spaces, and donors have also spent 20 billion tomans.

The Minister of Education noted: If the school becomes strong, the city, province, and country will also become strong, and its strengthening depends on you studying the lesson correctly and doing the educational work correctly.

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