Construction of 5806 schools in the country in the 13th government – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Shahrekord, Reza Murad Sahrai said today at the Khairy Zinda Yad Haj Ahmad Baghai primary school in Sartshaniz village, while honoring the memory of the martyrs, especially the student and teacher martyrs of this province, that the school is one of the most important educational, cultural, social and religious institutions. Politically, economically, and in every way, it is the point of hope of a neighborhood, region, city, and even the whole country, so if we name all our elementary schools as Iran’s Omidistans, we are completely wrong.

The Minister of Education said: School is the place where the seeds of the country’s future are planted. These children who are sitting here are future governors, generals, senior managers and ministers, and the future president may be among these children, hence the work. Teacher and school work is incomparable to any other mission. The person who builds a school builds the future, and the remains of skills are rare and unique from a perspective.

He continued: In the two years that passed by this hardworking government, a total of 5,806 schools were built in the country, that is, on average, if we only count the active days, we only built an average of eight schools per day in the country.

Sahrai said: Iran has become a school building workshop in a sense, this movement continues and God willing, by the end of the year, nearly 800 more schools will be built in the country.

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