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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, it has been a few weeks since the release of “Smart Kid” and during this time its reception has been remarkable considering the conditions of the cinema. This movie was able to become the best-selling children’s movie in the history of Iranian cinema by attracting thousands of viewers to the theaters. Even the title of the second box office winner can be given to this animation, which has become a serious competitor of cinema comedies.

From the comments and criticisms that have been written about “Smart Kid” so far, it can be concluded that this animation has been able to successfully identify its target community and pass the screening process well. In this video, an interview with Hamed Jafari, the well-known producer of the animation, who already has “Prince of Rome” and “Filshah” in his career, and Behnoud Nekoui, who is in charge of directing this animation, is discussed.

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Also, in the following, the audience will see Toraj Nasr in the frame of the camera, who has three characters (the father of the rabbits), (the companions of the anti-hero) and one of the school teachers as a stunt double, which is interesting in its own way. You can see one of his dialogues with the same beautiful dubbing voice.


We talked with this group for a while; We talked about the problems of this field to its successful events and achievements. “Smart Kid” How this “smart kid” became a movie was discussed; Toraj Nasr answered very well how the dubbing of the child is different from other dubbings; Someone whose beautiful trumpet voice will be remembered by the audience. Dubbing problems were also discussed.

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One of the interesting parts of this video is Hamed Jafari’s explanation about how to make the “Smart Kid” animation; From idea to implementation. Also, you can watch the behind the scenes of the dubbing of “Smart Kid” who speaks instead of the character of Tiger Human Haji Abdollahi, as well as parts of the animation preparation.

The sixties and seventies were the peak years of Iranian children’s cinema. But after that, attention and attention to this genre decreased to a great extent, and even by reviewing the history of cinema, we reach the years in the 80s and 90s when not even a single movie for children was released in a year. However, with the advancement of technology and the efforts of Iranian animation companies to create feature-length animated films, children’s films have revived in recent years.

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It is true that the society of children and teenagers in Iran has become smaller compared to the past decades, but still, when an animation or a film with a child theme has a straightforward story and a correct payment, it attracts the maximum audience. “Becheh Zarang” produced by Hanar Poya Company, is one of the most popular children’s movies in cinemas these days, and children watch it with their families or as part of school camps. This movie combines a superhero story, a national concern and a religious theme and tells a story that appeals to children. In terms of technique and voice acting, “Smart Kid” is at a significant level.

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On the pretext of publishing this video, we have discussed more details of this animation.

What is the matter? A little boy named Mohsen loves superheroes. During a short trip to the cloud forest in Mazandaran, he meets a tiger that is escaping from illegal poachers. Mohsen hides the tiger in the trunk of his father’s car and brings it to Tehran. Mohsen has the ability to talk to animals, which makes the tiger communicate with him and take shelter in his room for a while. With the presence of a tiger in Tehran, the situation gets confused and Mohsen is trying to bring this animal back to its place of residence. But this hard decision changes the academic and family life of this boy. He steps into the jungle and his interest in superheroes leads him to save endangered animals from poachers. This is the summary of the movie “Smart Kid”.

“Smart Kid” is a product of Dynamic Art Group. The animation company that produced and released high-profile products such as “Prince of Rome” and “Filshah” in previous years. From the technical point of view, dynamic art has tried to be several steps ahead of the previous work. “Smart Kid” was made based on 3D animation standards, and character creations and character design and modeling have greatly contributed to the believability of the characters.

The sounds we hear are also interesting in their own way; Homan Haji Abdullahi spoke with a Mazandarani accent instead of the “tiger” character. Saeed Sheikhzadeh is the head of the voice actors of the “Smart Kid” group, and the other characters of the film are performed by well-known voice actors in the dubbing field. Mohsen’s character is voiced by Mina Qiyaspour, who usually voices children’s characters. In addition, Javad Medeshian, Georges Petrisi, Toraj Nasr, Ardeshir Nezman, and others are the voice actors of this film.

Other actors who are voice actors in this movie. Hedayat Hashemi and Mirtaher Mazloumi. Mazloumi, who has been doing dubbing and acting at the same time for years, is a master of his work and plays the main negative role of the film.

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But the content of the video:

Hamed Jafari, the producer in front of the rahnam camera, pointed out that: making animation is fundamentally different from other types of shows; Because animation has a different subject and these companies are present as the author and creator of the work. The production of animation depends on the studio and company, and these works are made by Hanropoya. From Prince of Rome, Filshah and Bacha Zarang, all factors have changed and we can say that we do not have a common person between the two works and fortunately the quality of the work has also improved and this progress is noticeable.

In the continuation of his speech, he pointed out: We follow a line of thought in the dynamic art studio. Henropoya was formed around 1985-1986 and has been providing animation as a service for many years. For the first time, we produced an animated film in 2013 and we watched it with the audience at the Milad Tower cinema and at the Fajr Film Festival. In the next step, we made a plan to reach this point in 10 years to have an animation for children every year.

Jafari emphasized: In the first step, we produced “Filshah”. When we started the production of Bechhe Zarang, we took a break in order to start the production again, taking into account the flaws and fixing the weak points. Because the audience informs us of a series of problems that it is our duty as a company to pay attention to them and pay attention to the trust of our audience. Therefore, we revised the project once again, redesigned some of its parts, deleted and changed some, and finally arrived at a version that made changes during this time. Finally, we polished it and it became the smart kid that we are facing in Iranian cinema today.

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Behnoud Nekui, the director of “Smart Kid” said in front of the rahnam camera: I have been working in the field of animation for almost two decades now; The charm that animation has always had is derived from children’s minds; Because you know the child imagines and then draws the fantasy shapes and actually paints. It feels like these animated cartoon shapes are very attractive to them.

He also noted: “A big issue in animation is that you’re dealing with a team of 10 people for a long time.” In fact, directing in animation comes back to the constant communication you have with a number of technical and artistic departments. Lead the artists of this department for a long time and be able to bring what the director and studio team wants to the desired point.

(In this video, Hamid Jafari, the producer of the animation, gives an explanation from the idea to the execution of the animation, which is remarkable. Perhaps for the first time, the audience will get to know the generalities, details, difficulties and complications of making an animation.)

Also, behind the dubbing scene, the beautiful voice of Homan Haji Abdullahi can be heard as the tiger character of the story. This is also interesting in its own way.

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Toraj Nasr, as the announcer of this animation, also pointed out this point in front of the rahnam camera: As an animation announcer, someone is constantly doing child’s work. I do this with pride. Because instead of all the characters I talked about in the animation, Shiporchi has a different world and I really like this character.

He added: One of the interesting voices for me in the animation “Smart Kid” was Daddy Rabbit, who always find these types of characters attractive. (Here, he dubs the voice of Daddy Rabbit in front of the camera and says that if I were in (the audience’s) place, I would go on this trip.)

In another part of his speech, Behnoud Nekui refers to the by-products of animation: animation itself is not a one-dimensional product, the by-products of behaviors that take place around an animated film are very effective in attracting the audience. Many times in long-established companies, characters are presented in the form of dolls and accessories from stationery to toys before it is released.

He then introduces the two characters of Beri and the smart kid holding his dolls. Nekui said about the tiger character: the example of the tiger character in the story faces a series of events to deviate from its normal path. His character was very challenging for us because of this fur and hair. Maintaining this hair form in the work set and that when the character moves his arms and legs, the hair does not get tangled again, and this density of hair in the work and its lighting can give the right feeling to the character, this was a technical challenge and a hassle that with a good team Fortunately, we were able to overcome this challenge.

Referring to the introduction of the character of Mohsen, Nekui added: The character of Mohsen, whom you know as Bacha Zarang, is the main character of the story. From the moment he wears this superhero costume, it is as if an inner transformation takes place in him. Because at first we see him in a different way in the story, but then he becomes a hero in his own essence and a change in personality and upbringing takes place in him, but at the same time, he remains the same character of evil and Satan.

Hamed Jafari, the producer of the “Smart Kid” animation, by presenting the statistics of the by-products of this animation, emphasized: “In “Smart Kid” we came to create a set of cultural attachment for it, where the kid got hooked on this hero when he became real and existed in the world. be and touch it. When a child encounters an animation, he gets in touch with the characters of that movie and likes to have these characters in his daily life; We designed about 400 products in different sectors for this purpose. Whether it is a simple doll or stationery, edibles, printing and books, as well as various games, all of them are designed.

Referring to the sale of 12 billion, he noted: Fortunately, we established a relationship with the center for the intellectual development of children and adolescents, and a mutual interaction was formed between us. We wanted to use the added value that children had done for years in this field and the successful and unsuccessful experiences they had for this work, so this helped us to produce 14, 15 products in the first place that are successful in the market and about 12 billion in Just a month ago, the products of “smart kid” were on sale.

The producer of this animation also pointed to the candidacy of “Smart Kid” in different sections of the Fajr Film Festival, and emphasized: “In “Smart Kid” we are getting here. The judges should judge this. It competes with real movies in all the departments that it has with real movies. It is nominated in all categories and finally Simorgh wins the award for the best film because it is a producer representing all actors.

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