Ministry of Health: People should not travel outdoors on polluted days – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, Abbas Shahsoni; The head of the air health and climate change department of the Ministry of Health, referring to the increase in the concentration of atmospheric pollutants, asked people, especially children, pregnant women, the elderly, and patients with diabetes, respiratory and heart diseases, to consume as much liquid as possible, especially water. Do not travel in open space.

He said: “During the time of air pollution, we recommend that people minimize their presence in the open space as much as possible and use preferably N95 or P2 masks or, if they are not available, three-layer surgical masks.”

He added: It is highly recommended to consume more water, vitamin C and citrus fruits in these conditions. In this situation, professional sports activities should be closed, and in the case of public sports, it is recommended to do them in a closed space and away from the sources of air pollution, such as highways, and for a limited time.

The head of the air health and climate change department of the Ministry of Health stated that exercise in normal conditions is very useful for providing health, and continued: In the current conditions and air pollution, due to the fact that the breathing rate of athletes increases, more pollutants enter the body and the effects It is not useful.

Referring to the resolution of the air pollution working group regarding the ban on the sale of traffic plans in Tehran for today, Shahsoni reminded: these solutions are temporary and we need basic measures to control air pollution because we are heading towards the cold season and we will witness more weather inversions; It is expected that from the beginning of December to the end of February, due to the high volume of traffic, cars and polluting sources, we will witness poor air quality.

He considered the provision of incentives such as discounts and free use of public transportation to be effective in reducing the city’s pollution and said: The representative of the municipality is present in the air pollution emergency working group and this proposal can lead to more people using public transportation. . Also, remote working of employees can cause a relative improvement in the existing conditions as a temporary and short-term solution.

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