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According to the political group of the rahnam news agency, citing the Office of the Preservation and Publication of the Works of the Supreme Leader, the statements of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the meeting with the members of the headquarters of the International Congress of Commemoration of Allameh Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai, which was held on November 17, 1402, this morning (Wednesday) in The venue of this conference was published in Qom.

The text of the revolutionary leader’s statements is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Merciful (1)

And praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family of the pure ones, and the rest of God on earth.

Welcome dear brothers and sisters. I truly and deeply thank you for doing this great work. One of the best things that should have been done these days and it came to your mind, God inspired you and you tried and did it, this is it; Commemorating this great man, this prominent historical figure of Islamic spirituality.

The late Allama Tabatabai is one of the rare phenomena of our theological fields over the centuries; Honestly, it is a rare phenomenon. There is a characteristic in them – now I will briefly explain – that all these characteristics are among the privileged human virtues; All these characteristics that make up the personality of this man are among the privileged virtues of a human being. These characteristics are, for example, some of which I have written: knowledge, piety and piety, moral qualities, taste and art, purity and friendship – loyalty and friendship and the like – and many other characteristics that I did not consider necessary to list here. . The collection of these characteristics constitutes the personality of this great man, and each of these characteristics is a virtue of human virtues.

I have noted down some aspects about the science of this honorable person so that it will be noticed. One is the issue of the wide variety of knowledge of this great man; In other words, he is fairly rare in the diversity of his knowledge. Throughout history, we have people like Sheikh Tusi, Allameh Hali, and others like them who have scientific diversity, but in our time, it is fairly rare; I mean, I don’t know anyone other than him with this scientific diversity. He is a jurist, a principled person, a philosopher, he has a strong sense of theoretical mysticism, a scholar of mathematics and mathematics, an outstanding scholar of Qur’anic interpretation and sciences – in this field, he is honestly unique – he is a poet, a writer, in science Genealogy, genealogy, he is a skilled and active person; That is, the science of genealogy is one of the things that human beings (can) look at, for example, along with Mr. Tabatabai’s philosophy or mysticism. They have a table that introduces the family of Judge Tabatabai; It is a historical table that, in my opinion, is a first class work of art that is printed and available to people. Our late father, who was friends with Mr. Tabatabai from Najaf, was a friend – my father himself told me this – he wrote to Mr. Tabatabai that you should ask someone – a famous man in Qom – for the order of our family tree and send it to me. ; Mr. Tabatabai writes in the answer that I myself know as much as him or know more than him; I don’t remember one of these two phrases. And he prepared and sent our genealogy; This means that this genealogy that we have now is compiled by Mr. Tabatabai. That is, man observes a strange scientific diversity in them. Now, for example, I said mathematics and board; You know – that is, perhaps it is known – that he drew the plan of the current Hojjatiyah school; It means that he is an architect in every sense and a complete architect. This scientific diversity is a special aspect of Mr. Tabatabai’s scientific aspect.

Another aspect is their scientific and intellectual depth. They have (a lot of) depth in the same sciences that we now know and have information about. First of all, it is based on the principles of the owner. Now, I did not see any traces of him in jurisprudence, but he is completely right in his principles. That is, the sufficiency margin (2) of them shows (this). In philosophy, he is an innovative philosopher; He presents a new philosophical system whose manifestation is the principles of philosophy and the method of realism, and then these two books that he wrote and published recently (3): the beginning (4) and the end. (5) In the interpretation, in my opinion An interpreter is surprising; That is, if someone looks at al-Mizan’s commentary, (he will understand that) al-Mizan’s commentary is literally an amazing commentary, in terms of the multitude, variety and depth of the contents, which I will mention later. This is also an aspect that is a question of his scientific and intellectual depth.

Another scientific aspect of this noble is the issue of discipleship. This discipleship of the late Mr. Tabatabai is a strange thing. This is one of the arts of every world; Among the scholars, we have those who nurture students and have many students; The late Mr. Tabatabai is one of these people. Among these philosophers of the recent period of philosophy in Iran – the center of the country’s philosophy was actually Tehran – from the period of the late Mulla Abdullah Zanouzi and his son, Agha Ali Hakim, then the late Mirzai Jaloh, Mirza Asadullah Qomshaei, these are the prominent figures of wisdom and mysticism who They were mainly concentrated in Tehran and some in other places, such as the late Haji Sabzevari in Sabzevar, one or two people in Qom, one or two people in Isfahan, one or two people in Mashhad – these are the eminent philosophers – none of them as much as the late Mr. Tabataba’i does not have a prominent student of the famous philosopher. Yes, for example, Haji Sabzevari has many students who came to study with him; The late Akhund Khorasani is also his student, but Akhund Khorasani is not a philosopher, he is a jurist who studied some philosophy. The training of a philosopher’s student like Shahid Motahari, like Shahid Beheshti, like the late Mr. Misbah and others, and like some of the great ones who are today, the training of the likes of these to a number of people who used the lessons of the late Mr. Tabatabai, I don’t know anything about anyone else. ; The issue of discipleship. Until the next philosophers of our time who were in Tehran (such as) the late Amirza Ahmad Ashtiani, before him the late Amirza Mehdi Ashtiani, or the late Mr. Amli (6) Well, these were philosophers, but the training of their students is not as high as Mr. Tabatabai Mahoud(7); He revived philosophy and made a philosopher.

Now, it is also interesting that his students – that is, many of his students – are often among the role players in the Islamic Revolution. In this assembly of experts who wrote the constitution, a large number of those people are students of the late Mr. Tabatabai; Either in the assembly of experts, or before the assembly of experts in that group where the constitution was written, and the late Mr. Motahari was among them, these are the students of the late Mr. Tabatabai. And some of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution are students of Mr. Tabatabai; Shahid Motahari is his student, Shahid Beheshti is his student, Shahid Quddosi is his student, Shahid Ashikh Ali Heydari Nahavandi is his student; Among these prominent martyrs are the students of Mr. Tabatabaei (may God bless him and grant him peace), some are still alive, thank God, who are the source of many testimonies.

Another characteristic of him regarding the issue of science is that his works were published during his lifetime and the blessings of his works were seen during his lifetime. The late Mr. Tabatabaei himself was not so prominent as al-Mizan was prominent, or let’s assume that those books of his ruling were prominent; That is, he himself was not at all pretentious, but his books were everywhere; His scales, principles of his philosophy, his beginning and end, Shia in his Islam, Quran in his Islam, many monotheistic messages, etc. were published during his lifetime. Therefore, the scientific aspect of the late Mr. Tabatabai has a unique feature that we have presented.

Regarding the characteristics of his piety, piety, worship and devotion to the Ahl al-Bayt and these characteristics – which have been said and heard a lot and you all know, I don’t want to repeat them – he was extraordinary and he was truly an outstanding and extraordinary person in these fields, truly pious. And he was pious. However, two features of the late Mr. Tabatabai’s highlights make me very aware and attract him; One feature is Mr. Tabatabai’s unique intellectual jihad in the midst of the invasion of imported and foreign ideas, in the midst of the invasion in the literal sense of the word. Maybe those who did not understand those times, do not pay attention to what was the situation in the country’s young environment and the country’s intellectual environment that day; There was a literal invasion; What are imported scholastic and professional thoughts like Marxism, what are skeptics; The skeptics who did not want to present a school, (rather) created doubts; This is what the late Mr. Motaheri (Razwanullah Alaihi) was prepared to deal with, and his books often deal with the doubts raised at that time. In the midst of these events, the late Mr. Tabatabaei (may God bless him and grant him peace) was able to create a strong intellectual base with an aggressive approach; That is, those who were familiar with his thoughts, their position against Marxism and against various thoughts was not a defensive position, it was an offensive position, an example of which is the books of Mr. Motahari (RA) that you see. This intellectual base was created by Mr. Tabatabai; Both with the principles of philosophy and with interpretation statements that this interpretation is a sea of ​​political and social knowledge; Apart from the epistemological issues and intellectual foundations and judgments and the like and those special aspects of interpretation which are the explanation of the verses – which this book is unique in these fields – this Al-Mizan book is full of political and social issues that were not discussed at all at that time. , (but) today, when people look at these issues, they see that these are the issues of our day; These were provided to people. This aggressive intellectual base was created by the late Mr. Tabatabai; This is what I think we should learn from Mr. Tabatabai: forming intellectual bases that fill the gaps and have an offensive aspect, not a passive and defensive position. This is a feature that is very attractive to me.

His second characteristic, which is also a very prominent and important characteristic in my opinion, is that he did not just give birth to ideas in the field of monotheistic teachings and Arshi concepts that he had reached in his mind; In his noble soul and noble heart, he realized those truths and knowledge, he acted on what he knew. In the literal sense, the late Mr. Tabatabai is an example of this honorable verse: Ilyeh Yasad al-Kalam al-Tayib wa al-Amal al-Salih Yarfa’ah. (8) That “Kalam Tayib” was realized in his existence in the true sense of the word. These moral characteristics that are known from him, extraordinary humility, airlessness, all these are due to that meaning. This humility of his, this humility of his is due to the realization of the same meanings and high knowledge in his own soul. He educated himself, he was able to raise and elevate himself from these high human and knowledge levels; That is why he was among people, but he was with God. Really, when dealing with them, a person felt that there was no character that was inferior to him. He was gentle, his approach was soft. Even with those who argued and fought with him, he dealt with meekness and tolerance and forgave them. He was very humble that sometimes his humility was surprising. Let me share a memory with you guys. The late Allamah Semnani(9) (may God bless him and grant him peace) was a Muammari mullah(10) who lived in Semnan, and was a well-known rational man; He came to Qom, scholars used to go to see him and there was a lot of traffic in his house. One day I was sitting in the cell, one of our friends, who was devoted to Mr. Tabatabai and was in love with Mr. Tabatabai, excitedly entered the cell and said, “No one can help us with good character and loyalty”; (11) I said what is the matter. He said that we were at Allama Semnani’s house, Mr. Khomeini was also there, Mr. Tabatabai was also there, some other gentlemen were also there; Mr. Allameh Semnani said to Mr. Khomeini that sir! We saw this commentary of Al-Mizan, it was very good, it was very great, we really enjoyed it and he started praising Al-Mizan’s commentary, thinking that he is Mr. Tabatabai. Mr. Khomeini was not the kind of person to get involved in these matters, he sat quietly and did not say anything. Mr. Tabatabai was sitting on this side, he turned to Mr. Allameh Semnani and said, Sir! Tabatabai is my servant, he is my teacher Mr. Khomeini. He said: “No one should come close to us because of good character and loyalty”; That is, he was affected by this.

The late Mr. Tabatabaei, with all these spiritual, scientific and behavioral characteristics and these things that almost everyone knows about him, was a pleasant person in terms of his personality and friendship; He had a sweet meeting, he had a sweet language, he was well-spoken, he was well-commented. In those meetings, (12) there was a person who did not have that silent state that people used to see in public meetings, debates, lessons and the like. He was warm, attractive, sweet and well-spoken; A case that he was narrating was accompanied by color and details. A character like this (was); A comprehensive, tasteful personality, a poet, a writer, and a comprehensive personality that an outstanding and noble person can have.

In my opinion, these two characteristics that I presented, one is the problem of filling the void, and the other is the realization of the knowledge that man knows – “and the knowledge of the wise men from the Faze’ah”; These are two categories – we must follow; All of us should follow these two characteristics; Anyone who moves in this way must follow.

We hope, God Almighty, to make his ranks high, and to include us among his grateful ones. And thank God, God’s blessings about them are like this; Today, Mr. Tabatabai is much better known than during his lifetime. During their lifetime, perhaps one-tenth of them were not known even now; Now, thank God, they are known to a large extent in the country, in scientific societies, and in the world, and Mr. Tabatabai will be known even more, God willing.

Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings

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