Human Rights Watch: Israel has no evidence of Hamas’ use of hospitals / Tel Aviv is committing a war crime in Gaza – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, following the continuation of the brutal aggression of the Zionist regime on civilian centers, especially hospitals and medical and health centers in the Gaza Strip, Human Rights Watch announced that making hospitals and ambulances insecure cannot be justified under any circumstances.

The organization emphasized in a statement that Israel has not provided any evidence of Hamas’ use of medical centers and hospitals in the Gaza Strip, and we demand an investigation into Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s hospitals and medical infrastructure, and we consider these attacks to be war crimes.

Human Rights Watch stated that Israel is destroying Gaza’s health system with repeated attacks on medical centers, medical teams, ambulances, etc., and immediate investigations should be conducted on these war crimes.

The statement continued, “We investigated the attacks carried out by Israel on Gaza hospitals from October 7 to November 7 and interviewed eyewitnesses and 16 medical personnel and a number of hospital officials.” Also, in our research, we used information issued by reliable sources, videos published on social networks and satellite images, as well as information from the World Health Organization.

This international organization further emphasized that the results of our research show that Israel’s claims (about the Palestinian resistance’s use of hospitals for military purposes) are not true and cannot be confirmed. We reiterate that hospitals and medical centers are civilian places that must be protected according to international law and the laws of war.

Stressing that Israel must end its illegal attacks as well as its blockade of the Gaza Strip, which constitutes a war crime and mass punishment, Human Rights Watch called on the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries until the Israelis commit crimes. continue to carry out widespread attacks on Palestinian civilians, stop military aid to Israel.

While the Zionists have no evidence to prove their false claims about the use of Gaza hospitals by the Palestinian resistance and while the bombing of hospitals and health and medical centers throughout the Gaza Strip continues by the Zionist regime, this morning media sources reported the brutal attack of the occupying regime soldiers on the hospital. Al-Shifa reported.

Eyewitnesses in this hospital reported that military vehicles of the Zionist army attacked the western part of al-Shifa medical complex and dozens of soldiers of the enemy army entered the emergency building of this hospital and attacked the patients, medical staff and refugees.

The state media office in the Gaza Strip denied the claims of the Zionist regime that the resistance uses hospitals for military purposes and emphasized that these lies are part of the campaign of incitement and preparation for the destruction of hospitals against patients, medical staff and refugees. Misleading campaigns and the promotion of false narratives indicate that the Zionist army authorities are in crisis and are trying to justify their crimes against the civilians of Gaza in the world arena.

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