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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, the documentary “El Clasico” directed by Hadi Shariati is in the final stages of production. This documentary has become a candidate for participation in the 17th Haqrat Cinema Festival.

In an interview with rahnam, Shariati explained about the subject of this documentary and said: This documentary is the story of a legendary horseman named Sattar Mehrani, who is known as “Star Al-Classico” due to his skill in this sport. He has done many strange things with horses, some of which we can see in the El Clasico documentary in the competitions held with his presence. This documentary deals with his life and path to becoming a hero.

He continued: In addition to the narration of Sattar Mehrani’s life, we have also gone to another subject named Elias and we see his life story in parallel. Elias is a Turkmen youth who loves to bet on horses and does so regularly. As you know, betting on horses is permissible in Islam. In fact, the Al-Classico documentary has a double narrative and we get to know the life of Elias along with our hero.

Regarding whether his documentary is in the sports genre or not, this documentary maker said: In this documentary, we see a sport that is less discussed and that is horse riding. Of course, I have dealt with the same sport in my previous documentary, “At Oghlan”, which won an award from the Haqit Cinema Festival last year. Although many people may consider the Al-Classico documentary to be a work in the sports genre, I believe that it is a kind of anthropological documentary, because in it we are faced with the lives of people who have an important part of their lives on horses and betting on them.

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The director of “El Clasico” documentary, in response to a question about why documentaries with sports subjects are made less often, said: “Perhaps it can be said that there are two main reasons for this issue.” First of all, it is a bit difficult to get into the lives of the heroes, and every director cannot easily approach them to deal with the important events in their lives. On the other hand, making sports documentaries costs a lot, which not every producer accepts. For example, photographing a horse riding course for one minute may be a simple task at first glance, but it is interesting to know that to photograph the same one minute, 8 cameras should be placed so that you can have the best images. Accordingly, many prefer not to go to such subjects.

Emphasizing that the making of this documentary took 5 years, he said: During the making of this documentary, I could not do anything else and have a source of income. The documentary “At Oghlan” was also produced during the break of the Corona era, when it was not possible to make a continuation of this documentary. Undoubtedly, watching sports documentaries is a lot of fun and excitement for the viewer, but it is very difficult to produce and very few producers accept such a risk.

Shariati noted: However, I believe that if we take a professional look at broadcasting and selling documentaries on domestic and foreign platforms, the documentaries made in this field will be seen more and better and become bestsellers. I think this documentary could sell well if uploaded to one of the hot market platforms.

He said about the production process of this 75-minute long documentary: The production of this documentary took nearly 5 years and now, after completing the editing, it is experiencing the last technical stages such as color and light correction, creating credits, etc. The documentary “El Clasico” has applied for participation in the 17th Haqrat Cinema Festival.

The production factors of this documentary are:

Director: Hadi Shariati, director of photography: Saeed Zarabadi, cinematographer: Hamed Baqaiyan, sound engineer: Vali Ismailzadeh, editor: Emad Khodabakhsh, sound engineer: Mehrshad Malkouti and color and light correction: Reza Timuri

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