The failure of the American-Zionist campaign to deceive public opinion in the Gaza war/some big lies of Israel that were revealed early – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm battle on October 7, the Zionist regime, along with the United States and its other allies, have launched a big campaign to lie and deceive public opinion worldwide, and despite the great scandal that This regime and its supporters suffered in the early days of the war for exposing their lies about the Palestinian resistance, but they continue to tell these lies.

The US-Zionist campaign to deceive public opinion in the Gaza war

American and Western media and other media affiliated with the West and Washington around the world, including in Arab countries, have become the main platform of the Zionist regime to promote its lies. Most of the lies that the occupiers have been trying to promote since the beginning of the Gaza war are aimed at justifying the crimes and killings that the Israeli terrorist regime is doing in the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist regime is also trying to calm the public opinion of the Zionist society by presenting contradictory and fake news about the progress of the war and presenting an unrealistic picture of the victory against the resistance. Especially in a situation where the settlers are very scared and there are also fierce attacks, especially from the families of the Israeli prisoners against the cabinet and the Israeli army and the person of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime.

Here we are going to point out some big lies of the Zionist regime in the Gaza war, which of course were quickly revealed to be false:

The Zionist regime claims that the Hamas movement uses civilians as human shields in Gaza. This is while the Palestinian resistance forces are directly on the frontline of the war against the Zionist enemy, and the news of their advanced operations and the casualties they inflict on the occupiers cannot be denied. In addition, the people of Gaza, despite being constantly bombarded and brutally attacked by the enemy, are still steadfast in supporting the resistance and emphasize their commitment to their homeland and land and resistance.

– The Israeli army has claimed that a large number of Palestinian resistance fighters were martyred in the ground operations of this regime in Gaza, although it has no reason or even a single photo to prove its claim.

– In the early days of the war, the Zionists and Netanyahu himself published ridiculous lies about the beheading of Israeli children by resistance fighters, and US President Joe Biden joined the Zionists in promoting this fake story, but immediately the American media and even the White House were forced to expose these lies.

CNN first claimed that its reporter witnessed the beheading of Israeli children by Palestinian forces, but then denied this news.

– The occupiers claimed that they succeeded in discovering one of the Hamas tunnels, but it was found that this tunnel was for medical and health purposes.

– The Zionist media published a film that showed the gate of a tunnel next to an Indonesian hospital, and later it turned out that this tunnel was used to supply fuel to the hospital.

– The Zionists claimed that Hamas fighters massacred a large group of settlers, but one of the Israeli prisoners who was in the hands of Hamas admitted after his release that he saw with his own eyes that the Israeli army forces were blindly shooting at Israeli settlers and there was no distinction between them. They did not agree with the Palestinian armed forces.

– The Zionists were talking about the burning of 50 Israeli children by the Palestinian resistance, while they did not have a single photo to prove their claim.

– The Zionist regime released a video on social networks and claimed that the Palestinian resistance put Jewish children in cages, but it turned out that these children are actually Palestinian prisoners who are tortured in prisons by the occupying regime.

– The Israelis made many claims about the torture of prisoners in Gaza by the resistance, but the released Israeli prisoners emphasized that the resistance fighters treated them very respectfully. This is while there are innumerable documents and pictures of inhumane torture by the occupiers against Palestinian prisoners.

– The Zionists claimed that the Palestinian fighters had dismembered the bodies of the Israelis, but they did not have any evidence or even photos in this regard. This is while many pictures and videos of the brutal treatment of the Zionist soldiers with the bodies of Palestinians have been published.

– The army of the occupying regime claimed that the women’s unit of this army martyred 100 Palestinian resistance fighters, but it did not provide even a small photo or reason to prove this claim.

– The Zionists are trying to blame Hamas for the current situation in Gaza and deceive the public opinion and say that if Hamas had not started the attack, the situation would have been peaceful. This is despite the fact that in the past 75 years, the whole world has witnessed the occupation and limitless crimes of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people, and the dimensions of the ominous project that this regime recently designed for the Palestinian people, with the intention of destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque and expelling all Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank. It has also been revealed.

– The Zionist regime published an audio conversation and claimed that this conversation was between the resistance forces, who are talking about the bombing in al-Mu’amdani hospital. This is while all the available documents prove that the great crime in al-Moamdani Hospital was committed by the Zionist regime with American weapons and the regime’s efforts to avoid the responsibility of this crime were of no use.

– The Zionists published pictures of Hamas leaders in restaurants and sports clubs, which were later found to be made with artificial intelligence.

– By publishing very old photos of Jews being killed, the Zionist regime claimed that these photos were related to Hamas attacks.

– The Zionists published a burned image of an Israeli child and claimed that the resistance forces burned this child, and then it was found that this image was of a burned dog and was created by artificial intelligence.

– The Israelis released a video online in which a nurse who claimed to be Palestinian said that Hamas had stolen fuel from hospitals. But later it became clear that this person is actually an Israeli who could not speak the Palestinian dialect well and was exposed.

After revealing the true face and brutality and terrorist nature of the Zionists following the historical crimes they commit in Gaza, the public opinion of the world, especially in European and American countries, is significantly expressing their anger and hatred towards Israel, and despite the fact that this regime has about 14 million The dollar had spent money to promote its false narratives of the Gaza war in Europe and America, but it failed to deceive the public opinion, and massive anti-Zionist demonstrations around the world continue at the same time as the occupation’s crimes in Gaza continue.

In the same context, Al Jazeera announced in a report that the Foreign Ministry of the Zionist regime spent more than 13.5 million dollars to advertise its narrative of the Gaza war in Europe, while the Palestinians, without any financial costs, spread their true narrative of the Gaza war to The world showed, and in other words, the public opinion of the world woke up after seeing the open crimes of the occupying regime.

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