Iran transit agreement with “Russia, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and Turkmenistan” / connecting Shahid Rajaei port to Caspian port – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Kish, Mehrdad Bazarpash, before Tahar today, in the opening ceremony of the new passenger terminal of Kish airport, while appreciating the managers who participated in the construction of this project, said: “The development of transport infrastructure in free zones is a serious issue in all aspects, and transport Air in Kish Island, as the main way of moving passengers and cargo, is of special and strategic importance for the development of this region, so the government has decided to complete and develop the transportation infrastructure in all areas.

The manifestation of transit opportunities in free zones

He considered the construction of an airport in an area where people can only access it by air as a strategic project and added: After using this beautiful project, we should pay more attention to the logistics opportunities in the free zones and not fail to attract investments.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated that a new approach and orientation has prevailed in the management of free zones and it is going to become brilliant investment, logistics and transit opportunities for the country, and clarified: transit opportunities as the capacity to generate wealth for the present and the future in the regions Azad manifests itself especially in the Azad region of Kish.

Kish should be the investment gates for the whole country

Bazarpash stated that the free zones, including the Kish free zone, should be investment gateways for the entire country, and the infrastructure provided on the island of Kish, including the airport project, will be effective not only for the development of this island but also for the entire country because it can attract domestic and foreign capital, he continued: Attracting investment and the presence of investors in the country is also not possible without equipping airports and appropriate and up-to-date airport services and increasing flights.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development stated that the transit opportunities were emphasized in the ECO summit held at the summit level and Iran was one of the main axes in this summit, and clarified that the completion of the corridor from the southeast to the north is on the agenda and the agreements with Russia, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and Turkmenistan in line with the development of transit opportunities.

The movement to finish half-finished projects in the 13th government

Stating that the people expect service from the authorities and the movement to complete the half-finished projects in the 13th government is being followed seriously, he clarified that the sea-to-sea connection from Shahid Rajaei port to Caspian port will be implemented soon.

Bazarpash stated that one of the main projects of the government in recent days is to provide and facilitate the conditions in the country to increase the attraction of foreign investment, and added: numerous foreign trips and meetings as well as meetings with regional countries focusing on completing corridors and using Iran’s transit opportunities. is held, is the supervisor of the same issue.

The start of the development of Imam Khomeini Airport in the next two weeks

Emphasizing the importance of completing the projects related to the country’s corridors, he reminded: these projects are followed up by the president on a daily basis. We believe that these projects and the income generated from them are a future maker for the country and the children of this land.

The Minister of Roads noted: In the air sector, the development of the country’s terminals is on the agenda and the development of the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran will begin in the next two weeks.

According to rahnam, the terminal of Kish International Airport with the capacity of accepting 6 million passengers annually and with an infrastructure of 49 thousand square meters as the third largest airport terminal in the country was launched in the presence of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

This national project has been built with the approach of improving the capacity and improving the provision of services to passengers and tourists and based on the current rules and standards of the world’s most prestigious airport terminals and by passing the passenger acceptance trial process and obtaining the necessary permits from the Islamic Republic of Iran Aviation Organization in the presence of Mehrdad Bazarpash of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development was opened

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