Approval of the regulation of the turn-key project/give a dilapidated house, take delivery of a newly built unit + details – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam news agency, according to Mohammad Ayini, 10 thousand residential units of dilapidated structures are to be renovated this year in a turnkey project.

Based on the turnkey plan, the residents of dilapidated structures can exchange their residential unit with a newly built unit or government land with a 40% discount.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development said in the middle of September this year: In worn-out areas that have high population density and the residents in these areas are facing problems with infrastructure and superstructure services, in order to reduce the population burden and provide better services, the key plan to The key to worn-out urban structures (key to land plan) which is mentioned in paragraph “C” of Note 11 of the budget law of 1402 and its executive regulations have been approved by the government and notified by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, will be implemented in the near future with a public announcement. .

Ayini added: In the key-to-key project in dilapidated urban structures (key-to-ground project) of the National Land and Housing Organization, the specialized mother company for the construction of new cities and the Iranian Urban Regeneration Company, they have full cooperation and cooperation, and its operational and implementation process is currently underway. This year, using this plan, about 10,000 worn-out number plates will be exchanged with renewed ones.

He reminded: In the executive regulations of the key-to-key (key to land) renovation project, it is stated that the applicants must have an official document of 6 dong, therefore, the owners of the project who have an unofficial document or an affidavit in their possession should refer to the registry office. Documents and real estate of your place of residence, take action regarding documenting your property.

The CEO of Iran Urban Regeneration Company, referring to paragraph “M” of the note of this year’s budget law and article 9 of the law on supporting the revival, improvement and renovation of dilapidated and inefficient urban structures in relation to documenting properties seized in informal settlements, reminded: people whose property It is located in the area of ​​ineffective urban structures, they can register their property ownership documents by referring to the registration system of facilities for renovation of worn-out structures of Iran Urban Regeneration Company at the address

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