Narration of the black days of the stock market with newspaper headlines and a behavioral test!

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, the documentary “Nape is Poison” directed by Arian Attarpour is ready to be screened and has applied for participation in the Haqyat Cinema Festival.

In an interview with rahnam reporter, Attarpour explained about the subject of this documentary and said: This documentary is about the stock market crisis in 2018 and 2019, and it has narrated the events that happened in those years until finally the stock market index made a historic drop in August of 2019. In this documentary, in addition to having an overview of the events of those days, we also tried to present economic analyzes to the audience in order to create interest for them.

Referring to the main line of this documentary, he said: perhaps it can be said that two important issues are the main line of the film’s narrative and its structure; The first part is a piece of photos taken from newspaper headlines. In this section, we have illustrated the headlines of the newspapers that covered the important events of those days. I believe that newspapers are very good documents for narrating the events of this model. On the other hand, we conducted a behavioral experiment on mice to measure their risk-taking and establish a bridge between the risk-taking of mice and humans.

This documentary maker noted: In those days, an important part of the people, especially the middle classes, took a big risk and invested a large part of their savings or funds in the stock market. The question may arise, why did these people do such a thing? There were several reasons, some of which we have discussed in the film. Among these factors, we can mention the stagnation in the housing market, currency and gold. Also, political events such as the encouragement of the authorities had a great impact on the people and the corona disease was also an added cause.

Regarding the genre of his film, he said: If I want to say based on the content, this documentary fits into the genre of economic films, which definitely has social and political aspects, but in terms of form, we are witnessing an experienced documentary. The structural form of this documentary is experimental and focused on the method of narration using audio and visual elements. I didn’t like the movie to be a recommendation and a guide to people and I didn’t go for such a narrative, but there are definitely topics in the subtext of the movie that show experiences using the seventh art to the audience.

He said about the production process of this film: The 23-minute documentary “Despair is Poison” has just finished and is going through the last technical stages. We have submitted this work to participate in the 17th Hekat Cinema Festival.

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The production factors of this work are:

Director: Reza Purdel, producer and editor: Arian Attarpour, cinematographer: Reza Timuri, composer: Nima Pourkarimi, voice: Hirad Alavifard, narrator: Shahram Derakhshan and project consultant: Demeter Ali Shahbazi. This documentary was produced in the Center for the Development of Documentary and Experimental Cinema.

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