Hebrew media: thousands of settlers and soldiers have mental problems / sharp increase in suicides after October 7 – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of the rahnam news agency, the Ma’ariv newspaper announced in a recently published report that on Black Saturday (October 7 – Al-Aqsa storm) and the war that started after that, thousands of Israeli settlers and soldiers suffered from mental problems. And they have become psychotic.

According to this media, now hundreds of Israeli soldiers have severe mental problems due to the severity of the shock that was inflicted on them on October 7 (and the severity of the war that they are witnessing during the ground attack on Gaza), so that a heavy burden has imposed on the Israeli psychiatry sector, while experts still do not know what consequences these problems will have for those suffering from them in the long run.

Maariu further announced that the number of people suffering from mental and psychological problems has increased so much that 13 thousand people have applied for this purpose only through social insurance, while 2000 people have been introduced to the clinics through the Ministry of War and this is only The initial statistics are from the first wave of this trend, and the aforementioned figures will definitely increase.

The Hebrew language media also reported that today thousands of families are waiting for the official institutions (Zionist regime) to start treating them.

Everyone remembers the recorded phone conversations of terrified settler migrants with security forces on October 7, who shouted, “So where is the Israeli army?” Ma’ariv wrote. Even today, tens of thousands of injured people and people with psychological problems are shouting, where are the official institutions of Israel?

Today, thousands of wounded and traumatized people from the war in Gaza are left with many promises of care, but in the future they will know that they will still be left alone, the media revealed.

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